Monday, April 22, 2013

KCW Spring 2013 Day One

I whipped this summery dress up real fast this evening, so I would feel I completed a sewing project although it needs some straps as it slips down as she runs around.  I've got the perfect ribbon to use for straps, but I have to get her to be still long enough to get the length right!  Not so easy.  It was quite hard to get her to be still for a picture, too.  I did do some pattern piece cutting today, so hopefully more will be done tomorrow.  Not sure there'll be a finish on Day Two, but definitely some ironing and most likely some sewing!  This is pre-smocked fabric from Hancock Fabrics that is at least two years old.  I just wrapped it around my model, marked the fabric, and sewed.  Easy peasy and gave me some momentum:)