Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the World...

Baby Girl! M joined us two weeks ago.
We just love her.

Sorry it's taken so long to post, but I've been quite busy (diaper changes, breastfeeding, getting ready for H to start kindergarten, breastfeeding, celebrating W's third birthday, breastfeeding).

Quick version of the birth story: I woke at 3:30 AM with contractions, started timing and decided it was time to head to the hospital. Only 4cm when I got there, but contractions were steady every three minutes. After about an hour of pretty strong contractions, the midwife checked me again. I was 8cm!! Time to get ready to push. She arrived a little after 7:00 AM. It was not easy but at least it was fairly quick, and I'm glad I stuck with my natural birth plan. 7 lbs 10 oz! Happily, not too big :)

One more sweet pic.Yes, I am still super-paranoid about pictures of my children on the internet, but I think babies just sort of look like babies, you know?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


... for baby girl to be here to snuggle in this cocoon...and pose in a shrug and don some hats.
Less than a month to go, and yes, mommy is feeling it. Below is the first cocoon (deemed not girly enough by me, have I mentioned that this pregnancy has left me so indecisive it's just ridiculous? I have knitted a couple of items, only to decide I don't like them once they are complete). The cocoon is a free pattern get it here.

Below is my second Itty Bitty Baby Dress from Made By Rae (free here). You can see my first attempt here. I've gone back and forth about adding a little something to the top, like an embroidered flower, a friend suggested baby's first initial (um, we don't know that yet, no agreement between me and C, probably won't know until forced to decide by her arrival and even then, I'm thinking it's going to be a tough decision).

An awesome wet bag for cloth diapers (or anything wet, like bathing suits). I did not make this. It's a gift from a friend who (along with Mel and her husband and some posts from Tasha) has really encouraged me to try cloth diapering. Isn't the fabric great?!?

This past week, C and I went to a free cloth diapering class put on by a local store that carries lots of cloth diapering gear as well as breastfeeding supplies and slings, wraps, etc. We purchased a few prefolds and a Snappi, and the same friend who gave me the wet bag has loaned me a few newborn size covers. We are going to give it a try.

So about the waiting...
we are also waiting for...

-me to use up all the regular detergent, so we can "treat" our washing machine to start laundering cloth diapers

-the paint in baby's room to dry, so we can see if any touching up needs to be done

-the painting to be done, so we can put all the *girly* crib bedding on, set up the bed and put the quilt my aunt made on it, move all the shower gifts in, decorate... Aieee!!

-for me to finish her coming home outfit (requires a bit more sewing and a try at freezer paper stenciling... Aieee!!)

Notice a theme here? To top it off, I'm having some contractions as I type this (I've been having them off and on).

Knowing me, the next post will hopefully be all about baby :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Are We There Yet? No, But I Got a Great Shower Haul

We were using the boys' wooden blocks to mark each month, but the block set only goes up to 7 for some reason. We can turn 6 upside down for 9, but this time, we went with the magic eight ball.

The baby shower my fantastic friends gave was wonderful! So excited to get little dresses and pink goodies:) Here's some of the haul after I'd sorted through and tried to organize a bit.

Now for the clothes, this is most of them!

See that one down toward the right corner? That's some handmade Mel-specials!

That bib is reversible (the other side is the chicken fabric on the dress!) I know Mel's amazing (both at sewing and friendship). Check out her (better) picture here.

And about those chickens, I love this one. I want to dress up in that bright red with a blue flower in my hair. I mean really, none of those chicks around her can compare :)

Hope to post some completed projects soon! Woohoo!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Foibles

We decided to go out to eat last night for Father's Day. C loves Outback, and since I've recently learned I'm borderline anemic, steak sounded good to me too. Now we knew there would be a wait, so we called to put our name on the list. We still had about 25 minutes to wait when we got there, so the boys stayed in the car with the a/c with Daddy while I got the little buzzer and braved the heat. Don't worry, I was in the shade and had a book to read. Although it is super
hot with support hose, those few minutes sitting alone, reading were really a gift to me.

We are seated, and both H and his daddy need to use the restroom. While they are gone, our drink orders arrive. I have concocted W's Sprite and water mix and am starting on H's, when I turn my own water over and it spills all over my pants. It was a full glass. I was sitting in puddled water. Since, I don't bring a spare change of clothes for myself just the boys, I dried off as best I could and decide to grin and bear it.

C and H come back from the restroom, and my husband announces that he thinks he passed two kidney stones while in the (public) bathroom, and he has them. I think my eyes probably rolled back in my head as he explained that he, "used some MacGyver type skills" to "fish" them out of the (public) toilet while my 5 year old looked on. Apparently, the whole time he is fishing them out, he's telling H he should never do this and that he will explain why Daddy IS doing it when we get home. When he got to the part of the over-the-dinner-table story about how, "they're in my pocket," I had to ask him to stop the conversation before I hosed him and H down with Purell from across the table.

So while I'm riding home, sitting on a plastic bag (because my clothing- including support hose and undergarments- are still soaked), I'm thinking: Maybe we should have just ordered online and picked up?

Hope all the dads in your lives had a great day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Dress

Can I call it a vintage dress if it's at least as old as me? I think I'm probably vintage by now.

Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off. I remember putting this dress on a doll named Mrs. Beasley (apparently from a TV show called A Family Affair, I don't remember the show, do remember the doll). Anyhow, it needs a little repair, but I love it! The picture is from my iPhone, so not the best quality. The main fabric is navy blue with tiny white polka dots. Edited: I meant to explain that I think it was a cousin's or aunt's dress, that we later dressed the doll with. I think it's probably sized for a three year old.

I am still in a flutter, adding to my crafts for baby girl list way too often! Hopefully, I'll have some more finished projects to post about soon. Just wanted to prove I'm still here!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Hitch in My Giddy-up

I really, really want to be doing a whole bunch of sewing for the coming baby, but my aching legs make the cutting fabric and ironing parts of sewing difficult. Here is my first finished project for baby:
Itty Bitty Baby Dress tutorial from Made by Rae (free!)

So, my varicose veins have really put a hitch in my sewing giddy-up as well as my giddy-up in general. I am hoping to go tomorrow to get some better support hose that the midwife actually wrote a prescription for. Maybe that will help me get going on my ever-growing list of projects for baby.

In other news, things that are making me happy:

1) Only one more week of school for the boys! Hooray! Can't wait to wake up and not have to rush around like a mad woman.

2) A shower for baby! Great friends are hosting a shower for me and baby next month. I have been having so much fun registering for pink clothes. Mel, wouldn't it be cool if you could register at

3) Aunt J and her husband are visiting us today! They are in town for the week from their home in London.

4) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe from Smashed Peas and Carrots go here! Dangerously yummy!

5) C has agreed to paint baby's room if I take the boys away from the house for a full day :)

Hope to be back with more sewing projects soon! Maybe between the new hose and no school, I'll be giddy-upping:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's a Quarter of a Century Where Excitement is Concerned?

My husband and I just got word last Friday that H had the opportunity to attend kindergarten at a school that is at a nearby university. The program is excellent with national accreditation and not easy to get into without being a professor at the university or having attended yourself (yes, it's been in existence a long time). So after talking to the folks we know who have had children attend and going for a visit ourselves, we decided to enroll H. It's farther from home than the school he was going to attend and is more expensive, but we feel like it will be worth it and our younger children would have the opportunity to attend there in the future (there are programs for 3, 4, and 5 year olds).

We go later in the week for orientation where H will see his classroom and meet his teacher (he didn't go with us for the visit).

With all that said, we (C and I) are so excited! You'd think we were confident kindergarteners-to-be! Maybe because we saw the classroom and observed (from the observation room, yes they have one) or just because we really feel this is the right decision, but we are looking forward to orientation! I was feeling kind of silly and so told C "I know it's funny, but I'm excited about kindergarten." Imagine how tickled I was to hear him say, "I know, I am too!"

So whether you're five or thirty something, it seems learning is exciting!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Tough Is It?

So I was asking my husband this weekend, how tough is it, this having a baby? I mean I know how tough the actual birthing part is, despite all that "you forget it" stuff, I remember my 8+ lb-er (W). Pretty vividly. What I mean is the no sleep, nursing part. C responded with, "Pretty tough." I continued about how I knew it really didn't get easier after a month or six weeks (like so many people tell you). It really takes more like three months to get into a groove (at least, for us, maybe we're slow compared to others). C looks at me and replies deadpan, "Let's just say, we may not want to have a fourth." I love my husband, love that he makes me laugh. I've been cracking up over that comment for days :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week o'Fun

The boys were out of school this past week, so I decided we should have a fun thing every day (I sort of didn't decide this until Monday, though). However, our fun needed to be indoor fun because the pollen is crazy (check out Tasha's post about it), all of us seem to have allergies, and I don't want to take a bunch of medicine with the little bambino. Now Monday's fun was just a visit from their grandma which isn't that out of the ordinary, but it's all I had to offer. Tuesday, we went to our local county museum which has a water table to teach about water pollution, how rivers were and are used for transport, etc. It was the hit of the museum visit, and the covered wagon toy that you used a barge to float across the river fit perfectly with our start of Little House on the Prairie. They could have played at that water table for hours. We took in a planetarium show while there, too. Wednesday, we went out for ice cream after supper with Daddy. Ice cream = fun. I had low fat but should have gone ahead and gotten a mix-in of Butterfinger (it would just have been a wee bit). Thursday was another museum trip recommended by Mel. This one had some bears to see (which H is really into right now), but the biggest attractions turned out to be a puppet theater where H could put on his own puppet show with two bear, an eagle and an otter puppets and for W, the fish tanks. Maybe a trip to a big aquarium will be on our vacation to-do one day. We ended the week with meeting Daddy for lunch on Friday.

It really was a fun week, and I am proud of myself for taking the little guys out on my own some. I even did my exercise DVD four out of the five weekdays (go me! and yes, I am getting a little worried about my weight gain). I really enjoyed not having to spend four mornings rushing around trying to get everyone ready for school, nagging everyone to get moving, feeling my blood pressure rise because we are late again. It's strange, but I almost think I might have gotten more done than during a school week. Maybe it was just more done around the house. Still, it reminds me of how I actually find school days harder than just keeping the children at home. I have been wondering whether I really want to send #3 to preschool at age 2. I know lots of children really enjoy and get a lot out of it, but it costs $$, it stresses me... Just not sure. H is to start kindergarten this fall (a very short time after my due date!), but I have thought some about homeschooling. I'm just not sure I could do it. Or maybe that we could do it. H is not the easiest child to direct, and I am not pro-active about anything social (you know, making sure he had interaction with others his age, sports, etc.) I read a great post about one woman's decision to homeschool that has me thinking. For now, though, I think we will plan to give kindergarten a try.

Romeo and Mae Sewing Patterns GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Romeo and Mae Sewing Patterns GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

A chance at free patterns, nice!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

On a blog I enjoy reading, Cheaper By the Half Dozen, these Daybook posts appear some days, and I really enjoy them. Sometimes, it's fun to have a peek into another's thoughts and schedule.

Outside my window...the dogwoods are abloom along with the azaleas on the sunny side of the house (and there is a greenish-yellow film on the cars from all the pollen).

I am thinking... about colors to paint the walls in a little girl's room.

I am thankful for... friends who loan maternity clothes. One brought by two Rubbermaid boxes full this weekend. It's awesome to have a whole new wardrobe.

From the learning rooms... almost finished with Little House in the Big Woods. I wasn't sure if H would enjoy this, but, luckily, there are several bears, a panther, and a deer involved in some chapters.

From the kitchen... ha ha! Maybe this shouldn't be a part of my daybook entry.

I am wearing... white t-shirt and black yoga pants (pretty much still in my pj's).

I am creating... a schedule for this week of fun things to do with the boys.

I am going... to the museum with the boys later in the week, also to a doctor appointment, looking forward to sharing the news that it's a girl with one of my favorite midwives.

I am reading... The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson (It started out sort of dry, but it's getting better).

I am hoping... to get busy on some knitting projects this week.

I am hearing... the washing machine and two little boys playing, vroom vroom crash.

Around the house... we are being overrun with Rubbermaid boxes but mostly for good reasons, as mentioned above.

One of my favorite things... sewing things for the boys. I made this vest for H to wear on Easter. It turned out a bit smaller than anticipated (even though I decreased the seam allowances), but I still thought it looked nice. I have to add a button (that's why the pocket seems a bit far toward the side seam). You can get the pattern free from Leila and Ben here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh boy, oh boy, oh ????

Girl! It's a girl! Everything looks healthy, and we are so excited and grateful!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About W (or Hospitalizations Explained)

Note: Please go here to read about our BIG news, and then cast your vote. And, I didn't plan this at all, but I am posting this on the second anniversary of W's first surgery.

For quite some time, I've wanted to explain about my younger son's condition, but I also wanted to be sure the post was thoughtful and genuine. So, here we go. W has obstructive hydrocephalus. Some of you are nodding, but some of you may be thinking obstructive what? Hydrocephalus literally means water on the brain, which is inaccurate, it's not water really, it's cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). CSF cycles through everyone's brain, but for W, it was unable to pass out of his brain quickly enough. So, at his six month check up, the pediatrician recommended a scan of W's brain, because instead of a curve, W's head circumference was just going straight up on the growth chart. (One of the reasons the doctors measure babies' heads). Never would I have thought that I would be praying so hard for my baby to just have a big head. The pediatrician called me the day of the scan (never a good sign, bad news is fleet of foot) and explained that there was excess fluid. We would need to see a neurosurgeon and have an MRI. I foolishly asked if he would tell me what they thought was wrong. Never ask, let them tell you what you need to know. He told us he thought W had a condition called Dandy Walker Syndrome. I knew better than to Google it, but I did it anyway. When we saw the neurosurgeon's nurse practitioner, she also discussed Dandy Walker. Here's where it pays to have more than one person in the room (besides the patient) when talking with medical professionals. I heard, "W has Dandy Walker." My husband heard, "W may have Dandy Walker." We had the MRI, which required having W put under with anesthesia. They gave us a CD of the MRI films and off we headed straight to the neurosurgeon's. The surgeon looked at the films and, praise God, it was not Dandy Walker. W has an arachnoid cyst which causes his obstructive hydrocephalus. Arachnoid? Like arachnophobia? Yes, actually everyone has an arachnoid membrane in their brain, named this because it looks like a spider's web. W has a cyst in his arachnoid membrane, and the cyst does not allow the CSF to leave his brain as quickly as it should. So, his head was growing bigger quickly to accommodate the excess fluid. The neurosurgeon scheduled W for surgery to place two shunts (basically tubing) in his brain as well as placing a valve behind one ear that allows the fluid to flow out of his brain and into his abdomen. The valve is controlled by a magnet and allows the medical folks to adjust the pressure (or how quickly the fluid is flowing out). So all of this is under the skin and, unless you're really looking behind his ear or at his neck, not noticeable.

So, of course, we were scared, angry, full of questions for the doctors, the universe, God. Some of you know my father died of brain cancer when I was expecting my oldest son. Now, here I was three years later going to the same group of physicians about my younger son. It didn't seem fair, and (I will be honest here) it still doesn't. Yes, I know there are things that are so much worse, but that thought doesn't help me each and every time I walk into that office.

The surgery was quick and successful. We stayed in the hospital only one night. W had gross motor skill delays (some other minor delays in other areas, but gross motor was the big one) because his head was heavier than a baby who did not have this problem. He crawled later and hated tummy time with a passion. Thanks be to God, he has pretty much caught up now. He still isn't able to go up and down all stairs on his own, but part of that is due to exposure as we don't have stairs in our home. He goes to preschool and seems to be doing well there. He jumps on his bed, gets rowdy, he's a boy. What does it mean for him in the future? No contact sports, future surgeries (to lengthen the tubing as he grows, the "hardware" won't last forever, etc.) The doctors say he's fine to fly, swim. I limit his play with magnetic toys (not easy in a house full of magnetic Thomas trains, but thankfully, W has done very well with the "little boys with shunts can't play with magnets" rule and H understands he can only play with magnetics when W is napping). The doctors say it's unlikely the magnets on the toy Thomas trains could change his valve setting (thus changing the pressure in his brain), but I took the trains to the neurosurgeon and he said, "it's possible." You can imagine, that's all I needed to hear. We also teach him to use the other ear (the one without the valve behind it) to use the phone as cell phones can have magnets in them and some can alter the setting.

You notice I use the term the doctors "say" quite a bit. Let me explain why. Most folks we know who have experience with shunts have the shunt placed and don't look back for years. W's shunt was placed in March 2008. In November 2008, W vomited off and on for a week, the pediatrician at first thought it was a virus, but then after about a week, W became very lethargic and could not keep anything down, not even fluids. The neurosurgeon's office couldn't see us, so we hightailed it to the pediatrician's who immediately sent us to the emergency room. After a scan and x-rays of his abdomen, the doctors immediately saw that the tubing that the CSF flows through had broken at W's neck. More surgery, but thankfully not brain surgery really, just reattaching the tubing. Tubing breaking is rare, but that is the most common spot for it to break. (Crazy Christmas #1 - the surgery was early December).

Now, fast forward to December 23, 2009, W comes to me after playing completely normally a minute earlier, racing around pushing dump trucks with his brother, and says, "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Within two minutes, he throws up...and my stomach turns over and clenches because I immediately think, "It's the shunt." I look at C, "Oh no," I say. He says, "We don't know it's the shunt." W throws up a few more times, and then settles down for a while. I put him on the couch to sleep with me. He wakes up around 11:30 pm and throws up, and then continues to throw up or dry heave about every hour and a half until 6:30 am. We head to the pediatrician's the next morning (Christmas Eve day). We can't see our usual pediatrician, but I am calling to make the appointment while we are driving there. It doesn't matter who we see, I know where they are going to send us. After the doctor confers with the neurosurgeon folks, we are sent to the ER. They give W IV fluids to help with dehydration and discuss tapping his shunt (involves putting a needle in his head, nuff said) since all the scans and x-rays look fine. Tapping runs the risk of introducing infection, so the doctors are going back and forth. The only other explanation is that he has a virus. He is pretty sleepy during most of this time. They prep him to do the tapping by shaving a bit of his hair and putting numbing cream on a spot on his head. The neurosurgeon on call just happens to be the doctor who performed surgery to remove as much as possible of my father's brain tumor. A great doctor, but forgive me if I really didn't want to ever see him in this setting again. Anyway, W's neurosurgeon has been paged about W, and he calls to say not to tap the shunt as it could be a stomach virus. They send us home for Christmas. Christmas day, we video the opening of presents. W is not too interested, showing a little interest in a toy, but mostly, just sitting on the couch and sleeping off and on. He throws up during the videoing. The next morning he throws up again, and we are off to the ER. We are admitted to the hospital and stay for four nights. C and I both get cold/sinus infections during our stay. The pediatric doctors still can't find anything wrong, so they want neurosurgery to tap. W's neurosurgeon still doesn't think we should tap based on more scans. They send us home, "maybe it's just a virus." A virus that lasts this long? I, by this time, am positive it's the shunt. We are home for New Year's Day, and January 2nd we are back in the hospital (this time we are a direct admit from the pediatrician's office). We stay one night, have scans and blood work and are sent home again! We are to follow up with our pediatrician and our neurosurgeon ASAP. Finally, on January 5th, we see W's neurosurgeon who says the most recent scan does show a very slight change. They tap the shunt, W is the bravest boy ever, and the neurosurgeon's nurse practitioner says something is definitely strange. We go ahead and schedule surgery but are told that if W seems better, to let them know. W is definitely better but not 100%, so we head to the hospital for surgery. We talk to W's neurosurgeon about how he is doing, and he decides not to perform surgery. Instead, we have another scan two days later. Since then, W seems fine (knock on wood). The best guess is that he had some "brain gunk" clogging the tubing or valve, and when they tapped the shunt, they also flushed it and the flushing got rid of the gunk. So that's a very long story to explain why I often use the phrasing "the doctors say." I am not doubting the doctors' abilities and knowledge. W is here because of God's grace and the oftentimes amazing acts of these doctors. My dad liked to say: there's a reason they call it practicing medicine. They are human, too. Crazy Christmas #2 ends.

When we first found out about W's condition, I was talking to a friend (HGS), and she said the kindest and best thing anyone could have said to me. I was so scared. I asked her, "How am I going to do this? (meaning take care of W) What if I can't do this?" Her response was something like this, "Of course you can do it. Who else could do it? No one is better able to take care of W." In the same vein, a wonderful lady who is halfway across the country from me sent this to me in an email: "God placed W in your home and in your heart because he equipped you to be the loving mother you are to this little boy." That email is on my refrigerator, in case I need reminding. (This wonderful lady's sister was my niece's biology teacher in March 2008, when my niece asked her teacher about W's condition, lo and behold her nephew had the same condition, caused by the same type of cyst). When I think about all that we went through with my father, I do wonder if I was somehow being prepared. When I was praying, "Why, God, why?" I did finally get an answer. There was no booming voice or burning bush, just this thought suddenly in my mind, "Your imperfection is still My perfection." (Trust me, that was God's voice, the one in my head is not that profound). I took that to mean that I should count my blessings, and W is one of God's perfect blessings. One He chose to bless me with. Don't take all that to mean that I don't get frustrated, angry, etc. I do, more often than I should. I am frightened to go out of town, to take a vacation. I struggle to treat W, and our lives with him, as normal.

So, how is he? He's wonderful, a beautiful, laughing, energetic little boy. Rough and the toughest little cookie around. Smart, funny (yes, funny, even if he maybe doesn't always mean to be), a great little brother to H. So, there you have it: the long story about W.

PS Check out the awesome Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary and on the right hand side of her blog, go down to the "browse by category" drop down and choose The Noggin' to read and learn more about hydrocephalus (she even has an illustration to show how the tubing works).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three's Company (or Big News About a Little Person)

That's right! We are expecting our third child this summer! Here are some pictures of the tummy, so feel free to make a guess as to whether it's a girl or boy.For the record, before I had a child, I never thought I'd have more than two children, but things happen and perspectives change. I'm not quite halfway, and I have been very, very tired, much more so than with either of my previous pregnancies. I had a little nausea in the first two months (no nausea with my first two), but mostly this pregnancy has been similar to the first two except for the extreme tiredness, just generally not feeling so great, and I seem to be a lot hungrier (or maybe I just don't remember wanting to eat so much). And, I won't make you wait too long to find out if it's little sister or brother as we go for an ultrasound Friday. H is hoping for a girl but says a little brother would be fun too. Of course, we are praying for 100% healthy, especially since we know what it's like to have a child with a medical problem. Speaking of that, I'm planning to publish a post this week called About W which will explain our youngest's condition (it's a lengthy post, but I wanted to be sure to give the full story).

So, vote in my little poll over there in the top right corner, and tell me what you think it's going to be!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sanity Keepers

Sanity keeper #1 - knowing Spring is coming. Maybe slowly, but it's coming! And once it's here? H can wear what Mel has christened his jams. I think they'll be great for playing outside and lounging around the house in the summer. I used the bandanna pants tutorial from Blue Yonder Ranch.

#2 and #3 -Knitting and Reading (not at the same time, I'm not that advanced) When W is getting his hair cut, he usually looks at pictures on my iPhone. I have pictures of my knitting and sewing projects on there, and the gal who cuts his hair asked, "How do you have time to do that?" meaning knitting in this case. My first thought was, "I have to." I guess for me knitting is pretty therapeutic and, for someone who adores crossing a to-do off my list, the sense of completing something is so nice. So, I wondered, how does someone not do it? I know knitting isn't for everyone, but for me knitting and reading are sometimes my "sanity-keepers" if you will. (I wish I could say sewing was the same, but let's just say not yet, just not as natural to me yet). If I didn't have these hobbies to help me feel that I am accomplishing something and let me escape a bit, I'd be crazy (or crazier). What's keeping you sane?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Projects: Sewing (Reversible Pinafore)

Finally, I got an outfit made for my good friend's daughter who was born in (cringe) July. I am so excited to have the two pictures of her below modeling her outfit.
Particularly happy to have a back view, as it isn't easy to get a good shot of the back when it's just on a hanger. The top is a combination of Butterick's 3846 pinafore pattern and this awesome tutorial from The Stuff I Live For blog. Check it out! She's got some awesome stuff and tutorials. The McCall's pattern pieces were great for helping me cut out the right shape and size, but when it came to following the sewing instructions, I was lost, completely lost.

Pocket detail on the pants. I didn't think this through all the way, because, the pockets are on the sides of the pants, so you don't see the pockets straight on. Oh well, I know the hearts are there, and I like 'em! Pants are Simplicity pattern 3765.
Of course, the pinafore is reversible and above is the reverse side of the pink pinafore top. And, just to prove that I wasn't just being lazy, below is the first pinafore I made for the same little one. One side, the awesome bug fabric (as seen here)...
...the other, a sweet autumn leaves pattern (put out by Springs Creative Products Group).
Unfortunately, by the time I got it completed, I felt like it was too late for fall leaves, so this pinafore will wait for another little one. So there we are, finally, I get it all complete and delivered, just in time for Valentine's!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Projects: A Little Crochet, A Little Knit

A crocheted scarf for my cousin's eleventh birthday. I was excited to get it to her in time for the recent snow! This pattern is from a tutorial and can easily be done in a day, probably half a day. I did the majority of it while watching my Anne of Green Gables video one Saturday.
This hat is for one of C's co-workers. She did not find out if the baby was a boy or girl, so I used the aqua Baby Boo bamboo yarn. When she delivered a girl, we added a pink ribbon, and I love this color combination. This hat ended up a bit too tall, and I can only blame it on my inexperience with this yarn which is super soft but I guess stretchier than what I'm used to using. Hopefully, she'll get to wear it without it looking too silly.

H is working on Valentine's for his class right now, and I need to get some decorations up. I cut out some construction paper hearts with H to make a little garland for our mantel. I have some other decorations around here somewhere. Sewing projects to come very soon!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ain't Disbehavin'

That's an H on that green sticky note. After I made H's birthday cake and he and C frosted it and the cake cover went on, he brought the sticky note over and put it on top. (If you can't tell it has an H written on it). You know, in case we were confused about whose birthday cake it really was, or Mommy or Daddy got any ideas about a sweet snack during the night ;) He gets it honest, I am very -um- particular about my stuff. In my defense, I had some bad lending experiences in the past (way past, like third grade) that really made me guard my possessions.

I try to type into my iPhone all the funny comments H makes, so I thought I'd share a couple:

One evening before we left to go out to dinner, he was not behaving well at. all. When I asked something like "what is wrong, why are you so upset, are you going to act like this at the restaurant?" he replied, "That's why I'm acting like this because I wanted to disbehave in the restaurant." The ironic thing is, I really think he meant he wanted to BEhave at the restaurant. Ahh, sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face as the parent.

In early December '09, we were reading our nightly Bible story. After reading Jonah and the Whale, he asked how the whale knew to spit Jonah out. I said, "God told him to." H's reply: "I didn't know whales spoke God."

He's just too smart (in more ways than one). A cutie too! I do love that kid!

Side note: Fourteen (14) One Four. That is the number of gray hairs C pulled out of my head last night. He'd fallen down on the job since the whole hospital/ER fiasco that was our Christmas and New Year. Yes, I do have him pluck them out (I laugh in the face of that old wives tale about 'for every one you pull two take its place'). Let's hope that this surge in graying was a result of all the trauma from said fiasco and not a recurring event. I hope to have some pictures of some sewing and knitting and even crocheting up soon. Must get my IT guy on those pictures ASAP.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Next November, I'll Be a Turkey

Happy new year! I know I'm a little late. Where have I been? Well this Christmas will definitely go down as one of the worst, I'm afraid. I spent Christmas Eve day in the ER with my youngest. Came home that night, only to return two days later and stay at the hospital for 4 nights (which of course resulted in C and I getting sick and still being on meds right now). Came home and returned to the hospital for a one night stay on Jan. 2. W seems okay now. Although, we've all had some kind of horrific cold/sinus infections that don't seem to want to go away. These hospital stays are all related to W's condition which I have yet to talk about here (not because I don't want to, but because I want to do the whole thing justice). Some of you may remember we were in the hospital in December 2008 as well. Let's just say, I'm going to be like a turkey come November 2010, feeling really nervous about the holidays.

However, I'm trying to be positive and hope the worst is behind us now. H will be 5 years old very soon! Unbelievable! I do wish us all (your family and mine) a very healthy, happy 2010.