Monday, June 28, 2010

Are We There Yet? No, But I Got a Great Shower Haul

We were using the boys' wooden blocks to mark each month, but the block set only goes up to 7 for some reason. We can turn 6 upside down for 9, but this time, we went with the magic eight ball.

The baby shower my fantastic friends gave was wonderful! So excited to get little dresses and pink goodies:) Here's some of the haul after I'd sorted through and tried to organize a bit.

Now for the clothes, this is most of them!

See that one down toward the right corner? That's some handmade Mel-specials!

That bib is reversible (the other side is the chicken fabric on the dress!) I know Mel's amazing (both at sewing and friendship). Check out her (better) picture here.

And about those chickens, I love this one. I want to dress up in that bright red with a blue flower in my hair. I mean really, none of those chicks around her can compare :)

Hope to post some completed projects soon! Woohoo!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Foibles

We decided to go out to eat last night for Father's Day. C loves Outback, and since I've recently learned I'm borderline anemic, steak sounded good to me too. Now we knew there would be a wait, so we called to put our name on the list. We still had about 25 minutes to wait when we got there, so the boys stayed in the car with the a/c with Daddy while I got the little buzzer and braved the heat. Don't worry, I was in the shade and had a book to read. Although it is super
hot with support hose, those few minutes sitting alone, reading were really a gift to me.

We are seated, and both H and his daddy need to use the restroom. While they are gone, our drink orders arrive. I have concocted W's Sprite and water mix and am starting on H's, when I turn my own water over and it spills all over my pants. It was a full glass. I was sitting in puddled water. Since, I don't bring a spare change of clothes for myself just the boys, I dried off as best I could and decide to grin and bear it.

C and H come back from the restroom, and my husband announces that he thinks he passed two kidney stones while in the (public) bathroom, and he has them. I think my eyes probably rolled back in my head as he explained that he, "used some MacGyver type skills" to "fish" them out of the (public) toilet while my 5 year old looked on. Apparently, the whole time he is fishing them out, he's telling H he should never do this and that he will explain why Daddy IS doing it when we get home. When he got to the part of the over-the-dinner-table story about how, "they're in my pocket," I had to ask him to stop the conversation before I hosed him and H down with Purell from across the table.

So while I'm riding home, sitting on a plastic bag (because my clothing- including support hose and undergarments- are still soaked), I'm thinking: Maybe we should have just ordered online and picked up?

Hope all the dads in your lives had a great day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Dress

Can I call it a vintage dress if it's at least as old as me? I think I'm probably vintage by now.

Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off. I remember putting this dress on a doll named Mrs. Beasley (apparently from a TV show called A Family Affair, I don't remember the show, do remember the doll). Anyhow, it needs a little repair, but I love it! The picture is from my iPhone, so not the best quality. The main fabric is navy blue with tiny white polka dots. Edited: I meant to explain that I think it was a cousin's or aunt's dress, that we later dressed the doll with. I think it's probably sized for a three year old.

I am still in a flutter, adding to my crafts for baby girl list way too often! Hopefully, I'll have some more finished projects to post about soon. Just wanted to prove I'm still here!