Friday, March 27, 2009

Unfortunately K

Here is the Smoking Typewriter Award (it's actually called a Premios Dardo award). Christy was nice enough to pass this award along (although, lately, I'm afraid my keypad is gathering dust rather than smoking :) The first rule of this award is to post the award image, and link back to Christy.

"Given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing... created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web."

So the second step is to put my name into Google Images. So, now I had to decide whether to use my super-intriguing pseudonym (K) or my real name (well of course, I did both). However, I'm sticking with K, because, as those of you who read here often know, I am very paranoid and have a vivid imagination. This wasn't the first picture but one of the first, and I really like it.

Next, put the phrase "Unfortunately, K" in a Google search and share the results. I admit, I did do some picking and choosing :) See my comments in parentheses after each one:

unfortunately, k and d are the opposite of what we have used so far !!!! Also, m stands for n... (This sounds just like me, very confusing and confused in general).

unfortunately, k-means clustering will sometimes fail to give correct results, an unaware fact that may be overlooked (I know all about clusters and unaware facts).

Unfortunately K-Lube is not the name of a shady s_x shop, but it is a great oil change place right near my parents house in Danville. (Ha ha ha)!

Unfortunately, K won't see the post. She's boycotting Stoopidfreshmind because of a post she thought would be detrimental to a certain love ... (Well, if it's going to be detrimental to love, I'm boycotting, too)!

Unfortunately, K is not computable and is provably difficult to approximate. (That's me in a nutshell, particularly given my dislike for math).

This is now officially an awesome way to tell the story of the world. Unfortunately, /k/ isn't known for its writefags. ... (What are writefags? I agree blogging is an officially awesome way to tell the story of my world).

Thanks, Christy! This was more fun to do than I expected! And the final piece of this award is passing this one along to ten other blogs, but I'll just say to at least google "unfortunately your name" for the laughs!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kindle Capability in an iPhone

Apple folks, are you reading this? I think it would be fantastic if my iPhone had a Kindle App or something that would allow me to read books on the iPhone. I am an old-fashioned girl. I like having a book in my hand (and prefer that they come from the library or my good friend who gets free books through her work). However, (really, I can't believe I am admitting this) I do see the up-sides to a Kindle or similar device. Of course, if I could read a book on my iPhone, when would I read all the blogs I love to keep up with? I think what I really like is the idea of being able to read in the dark (you know, without a lamp) which would come in particularly handy when W is going to sleep on our bed (I know, it's terrible). I actually have one of those little book light thing-a-majigs, but I think it needs a battery. So, despite having read an article about these handy-dandy hand held reading devices, and thinking, "why would anyone need that?," I now must say, I'm ready for that App, Apple! That iPhone has really changed my ways of thinking (C is smirking while reading this, I am sure). Still, I can't imagine spending money to get electronic versions of books, and I doubt our local library has any of those to check out (although, I think that is coming in the future). I guess I'd be reading a lot of classics as I hear you can find downloads of those for free. Good thing I like classics!

It just occurred to me that there may be an App like this that I don't know about. I'm not at all technically savvy, so if there is, do tell!

Edit: They do indeed have a free Kindle App! Also, they have "books" that you can put on your iPhone. I now have The Secret Garden (a children's book, that is a favorite) on my phone in case I need to have something to read and am caught without a book. Thank you, Apple, but I still don't see myself spending money on many books, electronic versions or not.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grrr... Blogger Outage (What a good excuse)

I was hoping to have time to type something meaningful (so not true), but it seems blogger has some sort of outage scheduled (so I just have to make it brief :). I really wish I could write something meaningful, but 1) W has some sort of cold that is making him run a low-grade fever 2) today I ran around doing errands while my mom watched the boys, 3) I took H to soccer this afternoon and 4) I am going to go pick up a pizza for me and H to share. However, Christy posted her top eight books, so I can at least do that (although, really, there are so many narrowing it to eight will be tough).
1) Persuasion by Jane Austen
2) Life of Pi by Yann Martel
3) A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
4) Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton
5) Sullivan's Island by Dorothea Benton Frank
6) The Children of Men by P.D. James
7) Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes
8) I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

I tried to mix in some classic favorites with a few modern ones. Better get to ordering that pizza ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

Check out the Simple website for a chance to win a Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller. I would love to have a double stroller. I really think it would help me get more exercise. I would love to push the boys on walks, but alas, I don't have a double stroller. I get nervous letting H walk while I push W. I stop if a car comes by in order to keep my hands on H. So, these are my health reasons for needing one: exercise for me, vitamin D from the sun for my boys :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Say My Name

Sorry to be MIA this week. Just the usual running around with a fever for H thrown in (seems to be completely gone just some lingering sniffles) and soccer clinic (H did so well compared to last year at this time-hooray!) I also attended our monthly MOPS meeting and did a bit of shopping for my cousin's wedding. Also, after hitting a consignment sale and my mom using a department store coupon last week, I had some washing to do for the boys' Spring wardrobe additions.

Anyhow, I am very excited to say that I think this year, H will be the only one "taking" soccer clinic! Meaning, I'll just be watching from the sidelines rather than "taking" it, too, as I did last year. The first thing the coach did was to ask all the children to gather around him while he checked off the names. There were a couple of children with the same names, so some moms or dads had to step up to say, "this is Drew so-and-so or Aiden so-and-so." So, the coach calls "H." H doesn't respond, so I walk over pointing to H. The coach asks, "Is your name H?" H shakes his head no, and I have to say, "Yes, this is H." Of course, everyone laughs, but I wonder why he didn't respond to his name. Turns out, the coach's British accent threw H off a bit (although the coach did pronounce it correctly). I was so proud of H after the class, though, just for doing everything without me and listening well. I gave him a great big hug!

My head seems to be healing up from last week's trauma! Thanks to everyone who was wishing me some better days. I have several posts in draft form that are just waiting for me to stay up late one evening or somehow find some time to do some typing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Came Early

Maybe I need to worry about Thursday the 12th rather than Friday the 13th? Yesterday, the boys had woken up and were playing on our bed before we went to the kitchen to get breakfast. At one point, they both were laying down (so cute, H's toes at W's head), so I decided to snap a picture and stood up on the bed. The next thing I know I am hit in the head - by the ceiling fan! It's okay to laugh; I am a goof ball. It hurt, though, still does. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I really want to go to the doctor. I am sore from my neck to my ear. My husband assures me that, "You got hit in the head by a ceiling fan, you're going to be sore." I still got my picture of the boys, and it is cute (although it would probably be cuter if it hadn't cost me a very sore head and neck).

Next bad thing, I got the wrong change at the drive through. I was so busy checking that they gave us the correct food, I didn't look at the bills. Then, I had to park the car, unload the boys, and go inside to ask for my $10.00. Fortunately, they were nice about it.

Finally, I get us all home to eat lunch. While changing H's clothes, W whacks me across the head with a toy broom handle (luckily not in the same spot the ceiling fan clobbered). I call C, almost in tears, and he laughs and not just a chuckle or for a second. He laughs for like a minute, and although I do see the comic aspect of my misfortunes, I really was looking for some sympathy. I must say in C's defense that this was not my first run in with a ceiling fan, although this one is much more painful (go ahead, laugh again). So, considering my 12th, I am not planning to go anywhere or do much of anything today!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Take a Breath, Count to Ten

Based on Christy's comment, I am going to try to utilize some of the methods in Kevin Lehman's Have a New Kid by Friday. C really thought H's behavior improved when I was trying to stick with the advice in there. Click here to see my post about the book. (Apparently I meant to post a part two, but that didn't happen). Basically, he says respond don't react, stay cool, and don't make mountains out of molehills. Anyway, I've also decided that my expectations are a bit high for a four year-old. No, he shouldn't be slamming doors, but maybe he doesn't understand why I just threw the toy he was asking for out the bathroom door (that would be to get it away from his little brother who is about to go in the bath). So, I come clean about what made him angry (I hope C doesn't read this one). Still, C and I had a conversation and decided that we completely expect him to act like a rational adult. I think that may be setting the bar pretty high. Also, I find that certain things bring out the contradictory boy in him (being tired, eating). He really wants to make all the decisions himself and call the shots, you know? I guess one thing I struggle with is when to let it roll off my back and when to respond. Sometimes, when he's being contradictory, I'll give him a grin, and he starts to grin back. He can definitely be a bit of a cheeky monkey. Thanks to everyone who commented I responded in the comments on the previous post.

In other news, the weather this weekend was be-yoo-ti-full! We went to the park Saturday morning (if you haven't been on monkey bars in a while, take it easy, I thought I might pull my arm out of its socket). So, we spent lots of time outside, digging in the dirt, practicing some tee-ball, and blowing bubbles! Aahhh, Spring I feel your breath in the breeze.

Friday, March 6, 2009

How Do You Handle Anger?

H knocked a hole in the wall. He slammed the bathroom door open, and the doorstop didn't do its duty. So, the doorknob went through the wall. I am feeling a bit lost. I don't know what to do with that kind of behavior. Should I spank him? Not in the heat of the moment, I am too angry myself. Do I take away privileges like a show he likes to watch? Taking away toys is pointless, unless I take a lot of them or maybe even all of them. I do have a temper, but I promise I don't slam doors. Later in the day, when I was bemoaning the fact that I don't do enough to help him learn, I said, "H, I haven't helped you learn anything today." He replied, "Well, I did learn never to knock a hole in the wall ever again." I had to turn my head to keep him from seeing my grin, but really, it's not funny that he gets that angry. He is not what I'd call a "bad kid," but he does have a temper and always wants the last word. This doesn't bode well for the adolescent years. Is it just his age (4)? Is it a phase? Does he need military school?

Sometimes I feel so alone and helpless in parenting. I am the one who is with him all day, and I just worry that I am not doing everything right. So, how do you handle your child's anger.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

View From Here

I wasn't feeling so well yesterday, so I was resting on the couch. W woke up from his nap and while walking around found his bowl and cup from earlier in the day. He placed them on me.

I think he was trying to tell me something, "It's time for my afternoon snack!"
I was suffering from a terrible headache. It may be caused by the antibiotic I'm taking, but regardless, I get headaches say once or twice a month that really knock me on my rear. Back before they decided that Celebrex (an arthritis medication) was bad for you, I took some for a foot ailment. I realized that it completely got rid of my headaches when I got them. I think that means I have tension headaches (a piece of ice straight to the forehead works wonders for them, too, which I hear also means tension headaches). Mine usually start in my neck and work their way up. I really need to mention this to a doctor, because, Tylenol doesn't help, and yesterday's was bad enough that I thought about calling in reinforcements to watch the boys. Enough whining, I'm going to give myself another headache.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fabric Honey Bun Giveaway

Look at those Spring colors! So fun! V and Co. is having a giveaway for these! She has some great tutorials on her site, too. Go take a look.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Make That Winter White

Well after all my Spring talk, we've got a winter wonderland here! The view out our back door was so beautiful last night, I went back to H's room (I had just kissed him goodnight) and carried him to the door to look out. Then, I was all inspired and started reading some Robert Frost poetry before going to sleep. There is just something about snow that really brings out the dreamer and kid in me. We got almost four inches (which is a good bit around these parts). Oh well, you know what they say about March, in like a lion, out like a lamb. So far, we've got the first part right.

So we played, shoveled, brushed off shrubs and finally, came in for some snow cream. I think this snow was too wet to make good snow cream, but that didn't stop me and W from eating it up. H is a bit pickier (as you may already know if you've been here before).
This final picture does speak a thousand words. Just imagine: this mommy letting W get that far ahead of her walking outside, uphill, in the snow. Sweet children, they make every day sparkle like snow in sunshine:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Green

In honor of a (hopefully fast) approaching Spring and St. Patrick's Day, I am putting a bit o' green on my blog. It seems that everyone is really ready for Spring this year. I keep reading on other blogs about those who are tired of cold weather. I for one am ready to be able to spend some time outdoors with the boys (although, considering our families' allergy issues, we may be driven back indoors pretty quickly once the weather warms). Still, it will be nice to not have to bundle up and be able to wear Croc knock-offs (no sock struggles :) and go to the museum, library, grocery, etc. without trying to keep everyone warm and worry about germs. (I know germs are still out there, particularly in Spring, but it does seem to get better as it warms up!)

I spent some time typing in all my Pampers Gifts to Grow On points this morning and should be receiving three $10.00 Macy's gift cards soon. I also have a promo-code to use for a free 11 by 14 photo collage through shutterfly! We are thinking of using pictures of the boys to make a "brotherly love" collage or the like. We'll see what we can pull together.

I've decided to give up something for Lent this year. I don't always do this, but I have in the past given up soft drinks and chocolate. This year, it's French fries. I don't eat tons of French fries anyway, but I do enjoy them when I do partake. I am wavering on Chik-fil-A fries, though. I don't really like them, but I usually eat a few if H's gets a kid's meal (to keep him from eating too many). So, I may allow myself to eat a few of his rather than throwing them out. I know this sounds like cheating, but I am not a big waffle fry fan at all, I promise. Now, Arby's curly fries, those are right up there with pound cake for me. I love those things...better not think about them too much! Is anyone else giving something up for Lent?