Friday, March 20, 2009

Say My Name

Sorry to be MIA this week. Just the usual running around with a fever for H thrown in (seems to be completely gone just some lingering sniffles) and soccer clinic (H did so well compared to last year at this time-hooray!) I also attended our monthly MOPS meeting and did a bit of shopping for my cousin's wedding. Also, after hitting a consignment sale and my mom using a department store coupon last week, I had some washing to do for the boys' Spring wardrobe additions.

Anyhow, I am very excited to say that I think this year, H will be the only one "taking" soccer clinic! Meaning, I'll just be watching from the sidelines rather than "taking" it, too, as I did last year. The first thing the coach did was to ask all the children to gather around him while he checked off the names. There were a couple of children with the same names, so some moms or dads had to step up to say, "this is Drew so-and-so or Aiden so-and-so." So, the coach calls "H." H doesn't respond, so I walk over pointing to H. The coach asks, "Is your name H?" H shakes his head no, and I have to say, "Yes, this is H." Of course, everyone laughs, but I wonder why he didn't respond to his name. Turns out, the coach's British accent threw H off a bit (although the coach did pronounce it correctly). I was so proud of H after the class, though, just for doing everything without me and listening well. I gave him a great big hug!

My head seems to be healing up from last week's trauma! Thanks to everyone who was wishing me some better days. I have several posts in draft form that are just waiting for me to stay up late one evening or somehow find some time to do some typing.

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mel said...

So glad the noggin is healing nicely. :) I know what you mean about drafts, seems they build up on me from time to time too.

Hooray for H!! What a big boy! So proud of him!