Friday, January 29, 2010

Ain't Disbehavin'

That's an H on that green sticky note. After I made H's birthday cake and he and C frosted it and the cake cover went on, he brought the sticky note over and put it on top. (If you can't tell it has an H written on it). You know, in case we were confused about whose birthday cake it really was, or Mommy or Daddy got any ideas about a sweet snack during the night ;) He gets it honest, I am very -um- particular about my stuff. In my defense, I had some bad lending experiences in the past (way past, like third grade) that really made me guard my possessions.

I try to type into my iPhone all the funny comments H makes, so I thought I'd share a couple:

One evening before we left to go out to dinner, he was not behaving well at. all. When I asked something like "what is wrong, why are you so upset, are you going to act like this at the restaurant?" he replied, "That's why I'm acting like this because I wanted to disbehave in the restaurant." The ironic thing is, I really think he meant he wanted to BEhave at the restaurant. Ahh, sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face as the parent.

In early December '09, we were reading our nightly Bible story. After reading Jonah and the Whale, he asked how the whale knew to spit Jonah out. I said, "God told him to." H's reply: "I didn't know whales spoke God."

He's just too smart (in more ways than one). A cutie too! I do love that kid!

Side note: Fourteen (14) One Four. That is the number of gray hairs C pulled out of my head last night. He'd fallen down on the job since the whole hospital/ER fiasco that was our Christmas and New Year. Yes, I do have him pluck them out (I laugh in the face of that old wives tale about 'for every one you pull two take its place'). Let's hope that this surge in graying was a result of all the trauma from said fiasco and not a recurring event. I hope to have some pictures of some sewing and knitting and even crocheting up soon. Must get my IT guy on those pictures ASAP.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Next November, I'll Be a Turkey

Happy new year! I know I'm a little late. Where have I been? Well this Christmas will definitely go down as one of the worst, I'm afraid. I spent Christmas Eve day in the ER with my youngest. Came home that night, only to return two days later and stay at the hospital for 4 nights (which of course resulted in C and I getting sick and still being on meds right now). Came home and returned to the hospital for a one night stay on Jan. 2. W seems okay now. Although, we've all had some kind of horrific cold/sinus infections that don't seem to want to go away. These hospital stays are all related to W's condition which I have yet to talk about here (not because I don't want to, but because I want to do the whole thing justice). Some of you may remember we were in the hospital in December 2008 as well. Let's just say, I'm going to be like a turkey come November 2010, feeling really nervous about the holidays.

However, I'm trying to be positive and hope the worst is behind us now. H will be 5 years old very soon! Unbelievable! I do wish us all (your family and mine) a very healthy, happy 2010.