Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Projects: Sewing (Reversible Pinafore)

Finally, I got an outfit made for my good friend's daughter who was born in (cringe) July. I am so excited to have the two pictures of her below modeling her outfit.
Particularly happy to have a back view, as it isn't easy to get a good shot of the back when it's just on a hanger. The top is a combination of Butterick's 3846 pinafore pattern and this awesome tutorial from The Stuff I Live For blog. Check it out! She's got some awesome stuff and tutorials. The McCall's pattern pieces were great for helping me cut out the right shape and size, but when it came to following the sewing instructions, I was lost, completely lost.

Pocket detail on the pants. I didn't think this through all the way, because, the pockets are on the sides of the pants, so you don't see the pockets straight on. Oh well, I know the hearts are there, and I like 'em! Pants are Simplicity pattern 3765.
Of course, the pinafore is reversible and above is the reverse side of the pink pinafore top. And, just to prove that I wasn't just being lazy, below is the first pinafore I made for the same little one. One side, the awesome bug fabric (as seen here)...
...the other, a sweet autumn leaves pattern (put out by Springs Creative Products Group).
Unfortunately, by the time I got it completed, I felt like it was too late for fall leaves, so this pinafore will wait for another little one. So there we are, finally, I get it all complete and delivered, just in time for Valentine's!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Projects: A Little Crochet, A Little Knit

A crocheted scarf for my cousin's eleventh birthday. I was excited to get it to her in time for the recent snow! This pattern is from a tutorial and can easily be done in a day, probably half a day. I did the majority of it while watching my Anne of Green Gables video one Saturday.
This hat is for one of C's co-workers. She did not find out if the baby was a boy or girl, so I used the aqua Baby Boo bamboo yarn. When she delivered a girl, we added a pink ribbon, and I love this color combination. This hat ended up a bit too tall, and I can only blame it on my inexperience with this yarn which is super soft but I guess stretchier than what I'm used to using. Hopefully, she'll get to wear it without it looking too silly.

H is working on Valentine's for his class right now, and I need to get some decorations up. I cut out some construction paper hearts with H to make a little garland for our mantel. I have some other decorations around here somewhere. Sewing projects to come very soon!