Friday, January 21, 2011

Not quite a half year

A half year break from blogging that is! I've just been busy living, and if you're still reading this, please don't think I've not been reading your blogs. Trust me, there are plenty of feedings that are great opportunities for reading blogs via iPhone. This is going to be a mish mosh of thoughts and links as I'm short on time a lot these days!

Glad to know that other moms get overwhelmed I'm not taking any medication, and I think I'll make it without needing something. However, I completely understand what she's saying. Read the comments, too! One of the first comments mentions how most moms today don't have the support that our grandmothers had. I hadn't really thought of that. Amen.

Christy said this:
I've decided/realized that getting out of the house on my own REALLY cheers me up, so I'm having sitters visit us more often, and it's good for everyone.
Amen, again.
You can read more of her wisdom here.

I recently helped host a baby shower and was talking to a gal I've known since before kindergarten. She mentioned that a gal who went to high school with us who has eight (yes, 8) kids said that the hardest transition was from two kids to three. Thank you, I needed to hear that. With so many saying two to three is so much easier than one to two, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong! Don't get the wrong idea. I love having my three. It's hard work though, and there's not a lot of time to do every day things that really need to be done (cleaning and organizing around the house being the biggie for me).

Despite having zero time to sew, I went on a mini-buying spree a couple of weeks ago buying three new patterns (one for a tunic for me:) I keep telling myself that one of these days very soon, I'm going to have a bit of time to sew. When I do, wouldn't these elephants be fun?
I've noticed I have a thing for elephant prints.

So, I'm still here, just having a hard time finding time to blog, clean, sew, and the like :) I'll try not to be a such a stranger around here.