Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pants-along: Just starting to look like pants

Still slow going (surprise, surprise), but I got a little done on the pants-along pants. You know I do like hanging clothes, etc. on trees; although, the wind was giving me some flack. Not complaining about a breeze in August, though.
I wish the legs were as slim as they appear. I'm a little concerned about them being baggy. Joanna at Stardust Shoes has given directions for "butt darts," so I should be able to take the waist in if needed. However, not sure about how the legs will turn out. We shall see, we shall see.

Here's a close-up of the top-stitching on the inner seam. I completely stole the orange and brown color scheme from Joanna. The color is off. Must get C to take pictures of final product, so the colors will turn out more true.Next up is front pockets which look like they require some fairly serious rotary cutting skills. May have to call C in for help!

Looking forward to a trip to the library today to pick up books for the boys as well as this Charlie and Lola DVDAm I the only one starting to think about Christmas? In a totally-looking-forward-to-it, let's-decorate-the-tree-fun type of way? Maybe it has to do with my list :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrifted Linens (Finally)

Finally, after reading on all of my favorite crafty blogs about thrifted sheets, I find some at a local flea market! I am so excited! Even though these aren't my favorite colors in the world, they have the soft feeling of "lived-in" sheets (okay, used, I know they are used), and check out the price in the next picture.

$5.50 for the twin set. I'm not sure if that's a good price or no (I'm new to this), but I felt like it was a decent price when considering the prices of fabric (usually $6 to $8 per yard). Here's a closer look. I actually think there may be an extra pillowcase or something in there (thus the third pattern, the fitted sheet is mostly white with flowers). Why am I not sure? I haven't untied them yet. I'm not sure I'm ready, I may want to take more pictures of my "find."

Now, I know that some just can't live with the used sheets. And knowing me, the self-confessed germophobe, you are probably surprised that I'm okay with thrifted sheets. What can I say? I am also a totally-devoted library user. Of course, sheets are different from books, but I trust in the strength of hot water and laundry detergent. And these sheets are for sewing pajamas or pillowcase shirts or dresses or something. So, there you have it, my first thrifted sheets. Let's hope there are more finds in the future.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving Along

I'm headed to a sewing night with Mel and this talented woman. Luckily, this has lit a fire under my behind to get going on my pants for the pants along. I've got the fronts and backs cut. I'm hoping to get some bobbins wound and ready to go.

I'll be honest, I'm letting a knitting project take over any time I have that isn't taken up by reading (Beach Music by Pat Conroy for local library book club) which isn't much as most of my time is spent worrying over or taking care of the boys. Apparently, we've all gotten a cold. Mine and C's have turned into sinus infections. The boys have both coughed until they threw up. H was up at 5:18 AM coughing, coughing, and coughing. I took them to the doctor today. It has been a long day. C started back to school today. No English classes this time! Hooray!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am going to try to keep up with Joanna over at Stardust Shoes in the Pants-along. I got some chocolate twill. Still picking the casing for the waist and the top-stitching thread color. Here are some pics.

Think I'm leaning toward the orange, but (oh ye of little faith) I'm so worried these won't turn out (not because of Joanna's instruction or inspiration just my novice-ness). I hate to waste cute fabric. If these pictures are all wonky once I post, I am sorry. I am not good at getting pictures side by side or anything besides one per post for that matter. This picture ---->
is more indicative of the chocolate color.

I've got some kind of sinus problem going, but I'm taking medicine as the little guy's birthday is drawing near. Mommy can't be sick!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giving New Meaning to the Phrase Cutie Pie

I have been waiting for the okay to link to this hat, because I am just blown away at what people can think of and create. Then, when I checked Blue Bird Studio today, the latest posts are a baby bowl and a baby cocoon with the directions for knitting both. Go take a look, all three of these are so adorable.

Also, While They Sleep is having a giveaway for a handmade pod swaddler or the pattern to make your own. Such a cute and useful idea (my oldest HAD to be swaddled in order to sleep as an infant).

Lots of baby stuff out there, and since the two friends I had showers for back in June just recently had their girls a week and a day apart, it's been baby-visiting time around here. When I see newborns, it's hard for me to believe my boys were ever that small. It goes so very fast and is so very precious, rejoice in it.