Monday, October 19, 2009

A New Dress and Some Models

So this is the other little girl's dress I've been working on...
The neckline (above). This dress was pretty simple and fast. The back (below) which I like as much as the front. The arms and back are a Moda fabric which I bought at a quilting store and is a bit pricey. Alas, the pricey fabric is easier to work with and doesn't have to be ironed as much. I was hoping this wasn't true, but it seems that, at least in this case, higher price = higher quality.
Details of the bugs above, and below, a model! Actually, it's the recipient of this dress. She's the daughter of a friend. Sorry about the whited-out faces, but as paranoid as I am about pictures of my own children on the internet, I must do it.

Her older sister received one of the dish towel dresses. Check here for a dish towel dress made from different Target Dollar Spot towels.

I think she's telling me, "Enough with the pictures, Ms. K!" Or maybe she's going to break into "Stop, In the Name of Love."Hooray for hand sewn dresses!
I've got some other finished projects to post soon!


mel said...

OK. Those are so darn adorable! Great job, K!!!

I think I'm sold now on the red MODA. And the purple towels...I saw them at Target the other day and decided I would come back after thinking on it. I have to go back now to put up for next year! So awesome! :)

Christy said...

You are so talented! I love them! Teach me, please!

K said...

Mel - You crack me up with your "thinking on it." I am the same way.

Christy - If only we could visit... :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Those are adorable! I love them.