Saturday, January 16, 2010

Next November, I'll Be a Turkey

Happy new year! I know I'm a little late. Where have I been? Well this Christmas will definitely go down as one of the worst, I'm afraid. I spent Christmas Eve day in the ER with my youngest. Came home that night, only to return two days later and stay at the hospital for 4 nights (which of course resulted in C and I getting sick and still being on meds right now). Came home and returned to the hospital for a one night stay on Jan. 2. W seems okay now. Although, we've all had some kind of horrific cold/sinus infections that don't seem to want to go away. These hospital stays are all related to W's condition which I have yet to talk about here (not because I don't want to, but because I want to do the whole thing justice). Some of you may remember we were in the hospital in December 2008 as well. Let's just say, I'm going to be like a turkey come November 2010, feeling really nervous about the holidays.

However, I'm trying to be positive and hope the worst is behind us now. H will be 5 years old very soon! Unbelievable! I do wish us all (your family and mine) a very healthy, happy 2010.


Christy said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear you've all been so ill, and that your son has been sick awhile. I hope he's recovering, and you all recover soon. Let's hope the holidays of 2010 are WAY better than last years!

mel said...

I can't believe H is going to be 5 soon either. As Chris and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary (also 5 yrs) I have been anticipating H's big day!!!

It was good to talk to the other day. You sounded in much better spirits than I imagine I'd be. Take care of you all and we hope to see y'all again very soon!

PS, Love the new layout!!

Ruth's Place said...

So sorry that you have all been so sick.

Here's crossing fingers for Christmas 2010!

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

I'm happy that everyone is OK. My kids are both sick so I can image how much it must have sucked.

I hope the rest of the year is great!