Monday, June 28, 2010

Are We There Yet? No, But I Got a Great Shower Haul

We were using the boys' wooden blocks to mark each month, but the block set only goes up to 7 for some reason. We can turn 6 upside down for 9, but this time, we went with the magic eight ball.

The baby shower my fantastic friends gave was wonderful! So excited to get little dresses and pink goodies:) Here's some of the haul after I'd sorted through and tried to organize a bit.

Now for the clothes, this is most of them!

See that one down toward the right corner? That's some handmade Mel-specials!

That bib is reversible (the other side is the chicken fabric on the dress!) I know Mel's amazing (both at sewing and friendship). Check out her (better) picture here.

And about those chickens, I love this one. I want to dress up in that bright red with a blue flower in my hair. I mean really, none of those chicks around her can compare :)

Hope to post some completed projects soon! Woohoo!


Rebecca said...

So lovely! Congratulations and can't wait to meet the baby. :)

Christy said...

Super cute post. Super cute baby clothes (especially the hand made by Mel one!). And super cute baby bump picture. Love it all!

mel said...

The red chick was my favorite too!! She's a spunky one!

You did have a great shower (and looked smashing)! I definitely see the advantages of knowing the gender. Your little gal is going to be super cute from head to toe all the time. :)

mel said...

PS, I love your idea of having a number block for each month! Very cute!!

Tasha Via said...

??? Can't wait to meet baby:)!