Sunday, July 25, 2010


... for baby girl to be here to snuggle in this cocoon...and pose in a shrug and don some hats.
Less than a month to go, and yes, mommy is feeling it. Below is the first cocoon (deemed not girly enough by me, have I mentioned that this pregnancy has left me so indecisive it's just ridiculous? I have knitted a couple of items, only to decide I don't like them once they are complete). The cocoon is a free pattern get it here.

Below is my second Itty Bitty Baby Dress from Made By Rae (free here). You can see my first attempt here. I've gone back and forth about adding a little something to the top, like an embroidered flower, a friend suggested baby's first initial (um, we don't know that yet, no agreement between me and C, probably won't know until forced to decide by her arrival and even then, I'm thinking it's going to be a tough decision).

An awesome wet bag for cloth diapers (or anything wet, like bathing suits). I did not make this. It's a gift from a friend who (along with Mel and her husband and some posts from Tasha) has really encouraged me to try cloth diapering. Isn't the fabric great?!?

This past week, C and I went to a free cloth diapering class put on by a local store that carries lots of cloth diapering gear as well as breastfeeding supplies and slings, wraps, etc. We purchased a few prefolds and a Snappi, and the same friend who gave me the wet bag has loaned me a few newborn size covers. We are going to give it a try.

So about the waiting...
we are also waiting for...

-me to use up all the regular detergent, so we can "treat" our washing machine to start laundering cloth diapers

-the paint in baby's room to dry, so we can see if any touching up needs to be done

-the painting to be done, so we can put all the *girly* crib bedding on, set up the bed and put the quilt my aunt made on it, move all the shower gifts in, decorate... Aieee!!

-for me to finish her coming home outfit (requires a bit more sewing and a try at freezer paper stenciling... Aieee!!)

Notice a theme here? To top it off, I'm having some contractions as I type this (I've been having them off and on).

Knowing me, the next post will hopefully be all about baby :)

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Christy said...

Ooh how exciting! I LOVE those knitted cocoons! So precious! And the dress looks perfect as is. Can't wait to hear your exciting news!