Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Tough Is It?

So I was asking my husband this weekend, how tough is it, this having a baby? I mean I know how tough the actual birthing part is, despite all that "you forget it" stuff, I remember my 8+ lb-er (W). Pretty vividly. What I mean is the no sleep, nursing part. C responded with, "Pretty tough." I continued about how I knew it really didn't get easier after a month or six weeks (like so many people tell you). It really takes more like three months to get into a groove (at least, for us, maybe we're slow compared to others). C looks at me and replies deadpan, "Let's just say, we may not want to have a fourth." I love my husband, love that he makes me laugh. I've been cracking up over that comment for days :)

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say that i am you said...

I can imagine his very sober look. Funny stuff.