Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bumper Crop

We harvested our first two squash a few weeks ago, and both boys were quite excited, sure to point them out to Daddy when he arrived home the evening of the day we picked them. It's fun to see their interest in our tiny garden. They help me water the plants and like to walk over to "take a look" at them. C fried those squash up recently (using an egg from our neighborhood for the egg-wash before flouring). They were yummy.Plants aren't the only thing growing around our home. Looks like my oldest is going to need some new pajama pants come fall.

These are some berries and berry stems off a few of our trees. On the first day he began picking them, H explained that he's making a few collections for me because I am special. Then a few days later, he was gathering some more and said, "You're our mom and Dad's wife, so you are special." Now, hearing words like that is, indeed, a bumper crop.


mel said...

Hah. That actually made me tear up. H is so darn sweet!!

I don't want to rush Arwen, but I am so looking forward to things like this! :)

Christy said...

Oh, that is so darn cute. Love all the pix too - does look some new pjs are in order soon!