Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crafty Stuff on the Net

Just wanted to mention the So You Think You're Crafty challenge. There are some awesome entries, and the winning entry will publish a tutorial for us all! Yeeha! This goes on for ten weeks. Love it. Check it out and vote for your favorite.

While perusing the challenge, I've seen some of my favorite crafty bloggers, of course, but I've also discovered new soon to be favorites, I'm sure. For instance, check out Homemade by Jill, specifically her incredible, not-quite-edible felt food. I have to make some of this for H for Christmas. He loves playing restaurant, and we could incorporate reading, writing, and counting skills using a "menu," taking orders, making change for play money. Aieee! My mind is racing. She also has templates for a quiet book, felt playhouse, the list goes on!


mel said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen Homemade by Jill things on Etsy. I considered buying (because making takes away from 'the list' and would make me a little less lazy!) some veggies and fruits for A next year when we begin gardening. I thought an indoor garden box might be fun for her.

mel said...

Oh. Forgot to say that I think the idea for H is great! You could so easily incorporate lots of learning for him and the bonus is that it's all from Mommy!! Hooray!