Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yarn Along January 18

Going to try to at least keep up weekly yarn along posts. With a bit of what I'm up to thrown in. Visit Ginny for lots of other yarn along fun.
Reading: The Paris Wife
Knitting: Earflap Hat from Knitting For Baby by Melanie Falick & Kristin Nicholas

I've now finished The Paris Wife. I really enjoyed it. It was my pick for the book club I belong to. If you enjoy Hemingway's novels, this is an interesting look at his early life before he became renowned. My favorite part of the book? When Hadley knocks on his studio door, he asks, "Who is it?" and she replies, "Your wife!" I could hear the angry vehemence, but also the anguish in her voice as I read it.

Knitting a sweet hat for M, hope to get it done while there's still a need for a warm hat.

We're just busy with life, and I find it's much easier to read blogs than write one. I am concerned that we are surviving and not thriving. I've voiced the concern to my husband, but we are not sure how we go about correcting... Can I blame it on winter? I want to, but I know it's more than that. At least we are thinking on it.

Better go join a sweet boy for breakfast.


pinkundine said...

Love the hat colour :)

Interesting point about surviving rather than thriving. I do think that winter has a lot to do with it, it feels much harder to thrive under grey and cold weather!

Crunchy Momma said...

Sometimes when you are in the trenches it can feel that way, but looking back it is the time when my family grew and was closest : ) Thanks for sharing.

Kerri Warmus said...

I have felt EXACTLY that way for much of my life. It changed this year. I have learned to live more in the moment, which used to be impossible for me. I am reading Organized Simplicity and it has really freed me up to make choices based on my family purpose. Our lives haven't changed much (although we are about to make a big change) but my feelings of "thriving" have come from those 2 things. warm wishes, Kerri

Wendy said...

Welcome to Yarn Alongs! I love the light in your photo--I always struggle with that. I'm working on helping our family "thrive not survive", too; I don't want us to plunge headlong from activity to activity and meal to meal--life should be about more than that!

K said...

Thank you all for understanding what I mean. The weather certainly doesn't help. I've got Organized Simplicity on my TBR list and am reading Simplicity Parenting. Moving toward change is the start, right?