Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Weekend Wrap-up

Before I tell a bit about the weekend, let me first tell you what I am doing right now: having some hot chocolate while some muffins cook in the oven (just from a mix, not from scratch or anything), W is napping, H is at school, and I am enjoying myself :) Love it! It's turned quite cold today. I am not much of a cold weather girl.

So, I will start my weekend run-down with Friday lunch time. H and I met Mel and her husband for lunch at a favorite local pizza place. First on the agenda was giving Mel and her husband this...

I knitted it! I've been keeping my knitting skills (which are still limited) a secret, because I really wanted to surprise them. Since they are Clemson fans and are not finding out the baby's gender, I decided to use Clemson colors. This little hat is easy because you don't have to knit in the round; it's just a flat piece that is seamed. For some reason, at first, "knitting in the round" sounded so scary to me, but after reading about it and talking to the gal at the yarn shop, I'm ready to try it on a new project (maybe a hat for H). This little hat was my second project. My first was this scarf.

The first picture shows the detail of the edges and ends. I didn't block it, so when I wear it, it looks like the second picture (all rolled up). I felt like it was a bit too wide, which is why I let it roll up rather than blocking it, so it would lie flat. Knitting is a bit addictive (at least for me). I really want to sew more, but knitting is more portable and requires less prep work. I can knit while sitting on the floor with the boys :)

So, we enjoyed our pizza lunch. I didn't get to eat as much as I would have liked, but that's probably because I was too busy chatting! Mel brought two of her latest sewing projects so I could check them out. You can check out her projects here. She's a more talented sewer than me, for sure.

Saturday was the bridal brunch bright and early! It was very nice, and the bride made us all tear up with a heart-felt speech. Each attendee got a great cookbook, bread basket, and hand-sewn cloth to go in our bread baskets! I thought the bread basket and cloths were a great idea. We also wrote on quilt squares that the bride's aunt is making into a quilted wall-hanging for the bride.
The wedding was at 5:00, and I ended up wearing a light blue sweater and long black skirt. It seemed appropriate and in line with what others were wearing. Both grandmothers were baby-sitting which allowed me to relax about as much as I can when I'm not with the boys. The reception allowed me to catch up with some friends, but we stayed out too late (I'm scared to tell the time because everyone will laugh at just how early it really was). Still, it was too late for me, because I spent all day Sunday wishing I could cuddle up with a blanket on the couch and watch football. I finally did get a nap Sunday afternoon and then hustled to CVS to use my 25% off coupon. My tiredness carried over to Monday, but I seem to be back to my usual self today. I'm sure there's much more to tell, but I need to get moving. This post may have started with hot chocolate and muffins in the morning, but now it's almost dark out.

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You are just the jack of all trades! It's so cute=)