Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shopping Daze

The couple I helped host a shower for a few weeks back is getting married this weekend. So, I spent some time shopping on Wednesday. It was not fun. I do not like to shop for clothes or spend money on clothes (except for comfortable jeans or shirts, you know the things that I will really wear and get my money's worth). The wedding is at 5:00, so I've struggled with how dressy my clothing should be. After all the time I spent looking, I'm starting to think I'll just go with a skirt and sweater I already have. I did find one pair of jeans (at Old Navy, no less, can you believe it?) and also a pair of khaki corduroys (also at ON). Yeeha! I haven't had khaki cords that fit since my first child was born! So this is why I haven't had much chance to write here or comment or even read my favorite blogs. I do hope to have a good time at the wedding as several of my long time friends will be there, as well as the women from my book club. When I say good time, I really mean, talking, chatting, catching up with people I love!

I also wanted to be sure to mention the Target re-tote offer (you don't have to have the People magazine they mention). I always have a lot of bags from Target around, so I will definitely take advantage of this and hope to not have so many around and help the environment.

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mel said...

I hate shopping too, especially when it's not comfort clothes, so I feel your pain. I hope you have a great time at the wedding though, despite the aggravation of finding the right attire. I'm sure you'll look great and have a great time.

I love that Target promo! Hooray for recycling!! :)