Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Cards Have Been Sent

One thing down (Christmas cards mailed), what seems like a zillion to go... I am still here just trying to finish Christmas shopping. I don't think it's going to happen. Poor C may only get one gift this year. I don't have any great ideas for him, and it's really hard to get out to shop even though my poor mom has been coming over every afternoon to help. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and concern for W. He is doing well, although it seems that we all have a cold and of course, I am worried about infection in him as he just had surgery. We are going to be praying and hoping REALLY hard for a very healthy new year.

Back to the gifts, though, I have no ideas. We had planned to order family pictures, and I was hoping to give my mom one as part of her gift. We missed our appointment with the photographer due to our stay in the hospital! I feel so bad. How can I not have good ideas for people I see every day?!? My dad was so good about thinking of gift ideas or picking up on small things folks mentioned they'd like to have. Apparently, I didn't get that gene! I am very excited about the boys' gifts though and love seeing the packages arrive from good ole Amazon.com. I like to "try out" some of the little ones' toys, just to be sure they're safe and all :)


mel said...

I know exactly how you feel!! I haven't sent cards and probably won't just because I can't get myself pulled together this year. I just feel all 'unnecessary' as Chris' grandmother says. However, we did get your card yesterday and it's awesome as always!!! We love getting cards from y'all...we just wanna eat those boys up! :)

I just yesterday ordered Chris' gift and I felt terrible. He finished before me this year!! I know what you mean about gift ideas. I feel completely dry. I'm trying so hard to do special things, but coming up blank. But Chris' gifts have been arriving with exciting frequency so at least I've had things to wrap! :) Love the anticipation of the UPS truck!!

Don't fret. It's been a long couple weeks for you guys! Enjoy the toy test runs and know we're praying for you guys to have a happy, healthy new year too!

V and Co. said...

oh i'm glad you liked the tutorial!