Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fabric Find & Free Knitting Pattern

I went to a local secondhand shop that is run by the local Junior League on Friday and found what might be an old curtain.

I'm not sure what I will do with it (if anything), but I was sort of thinking an apron. Check out the little points on the edge.

Wouldn't those be cute for the bottom of an apron? The fabric is definitely heavy (like a curtain) and also a bit worn, but I like some aged things. Plus, it was $1.00. The first picture is a better representation of the color, by the way. I wouldn't say the colors or designs are my style, but old and cheap seemed to speak to me.

I discovered a great, free summer scarf pattern at StardustShoes blog. It's called Morning Snack Scarf. Don't you love it? And the name?

Sew Mama Sew has been sponsoring May Giveaway Day (, so my fingers have been typing at a lot of new blogs. So, I've discovered some neat, free stuff!
This is a pattern for a baby dress that can become a tunic as baby grows.
More to say, but C and H are putting our double stroller together as I type! Must go check it out!

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mel said...

Whoa! Love the tunic/dress and will SO be using this pattern very soon!! Thanks for the link. The scarf is awesome! Are you going to try it? Post pictures if so!! I heart scarves. :)

I haven't been able to get around to as many blogs as I've wanted from Sew Mama Sew unfortunately.

I love that $1 fabric! Great find. Chris' dad and granddad let me go through some of his mom's old fabrics from yeeears ago this weekend. I was able to snag some nifty items. I'm envisioning some cloth napkins. :)

Hope we get to see you Thursday!!