Monday, May 18, 2009

What's on Your Mantel

I'm still here, just staying busy. I'm helping host two baby showers in June (not at my home, thankfully), and book club is at my house in June!! So, I'm stressing about cleaning and trying to get the house looking better, putting up some new pictures of the children. Said children have been sick which just makes it crazier. I've also been making some internet purchases, fun stuff! Gaucho pants that I love even if they do look like pajamas, a white noise machine (I've got to get my almost two year-old to nap in his crib), and a double stroller! I know, H is four, but he still wants to ride, especially if his little brother is riding. I am hoping this will allow me to do some much needed walking (for exercise). We got a decent price at Wal-Mart with site to store shipping which means no shipping and handling fees!

So with all these babies on the way, I am also knitting more hats and aspiring to knit a tiny jacket. I am also hoping to do some sewing for one of the coming babies, but as you all know, I tend to think big and act much smaller, which isn't as effective as think globally, act locally, unfortunately!

Anyhow, now that you know all that stuff you probably didn't want to know. I'll go back to my title. With my turn as hostess of book club, I am trying to make a few changes. We have really high ceilings in our living room which has a fire place, so we have a giant expanse of brick above our mantle. We have thought of hanging a clock up above the mantel (one of those giant ones from Target, maybe). I am also working on the mantel. Right now, it has lots of framed pictures, but I think that is very out-of-date. I have been checking out some magazines to see what folks have on their mantels. I am thinking of framing a picture of each boy in fairly large frames (maybe 8x10 pic in a larger frame with matting) and just sitting them on the mantel and leaning against the bricks. Still trying to figure out what else to put up there. I definitely want to keep it pretty simple, clean, fairly large objects (despite how my house looks, I am not a knick-knack gal). So, please all you wannabe designers, what's on your mantel (or what would you like to have there?)


Christy said...

I love my mantel - you can see a pic of it on my blog...well actually there's a link to it on my blog. It was featured on a how-to portion of It's Great To Be Home. We have art hanging on the brick wall, a couple of pieces of glass art on either side, and a clock in the middle. But the clock recently died, so we need to replace it.

I love your ideas of leaning large matted pics on it - that would look great. You should really take before and after pics!

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

I'm far far from a desinger type but we have mirrors hanging above our mantels. They are simple rectangle ones from Pottery Barn but I would love an old antique round mirror.

On the mantels we have framed pictures of our family.

Good luck with all your fun events.

mel said...

I LOVE your fireplace and mantel! And the high ceilings in your living room rock too. :)

I think the picture idea sounds very nice. Plus, your boys are so darn beautiful there's no way it wouldn't look good.

Good luck.

PS, I have been MIA lately too, but thinking about you guys. I really hope H is feeling better soon!!