Monday, January 5, 2009

Something in the Water

It seems like everyone is announcing their pregnancies! Four bloggers that I read regularly are expecting (and I think a fifth just hasn't told yet). Then, today, I had an email from a dear friend that she is due in July! She emailed and told me to start working on a Clemson toboggan hat for her expected little one! Of course, then I thought, they won't need a toboggan in July, so I'll make it to fit when the little one is a few months older. They are not planning to find out the baby's gender, so I'm planning to try for stripes and knitting it in the round! I get pretty excited about knitting (and the babies, too). All this baby news is making me think..., but that is wishful thinking (at least for now). I am curious to see if it's going to be a girl or boy year. It seems like it goes in waves. My two are keeping me very busy right now (thus explaining the lack of posts). Now that W is walking, I spend most of my time chasing after him. I still need to blog about my awesome Christmas gift and show some more of my knitting projects! For now, though, congratulations to all you expectant moms!


mel said...

I want to see more knitting!! It won't be long until I'll have to start that (and be a copy cat). ;)

Is the Clemson pregnancy the girl I know of?

I'm interested to see what kind of year it is too. It's been somewhat of a mixed bag when people tell at the classes, but leaning definitely toward girl I think. Momma says she's getting the girl vibe from me. I can't wait!! :)

Ainsley said...

You need to show a picture of that tobbogan... sounds adorable!