Thursday, April 9, 2009

With Sprinkles on Top

Yesterday was my four year-old's last day of soccer clinic. I've been excited to see him following directions so well, and he even won the little race yesterday when they ran dribbling the ball and the coach gave him a "good job!" I worry quite often about his social skills with other children. Yes, he goes to preschool. Yes, he can be a great conversationalist with adults. Still, with both of his parents being almost painfully shy with strangers, it worries me. After he got his award certificate and t-shirt yesterday, we headed for the car. While I was buckling him up, he says, "Coach said to raise our hands if we want our parents to take us for ice cream after soccer. Can we do that?" I decided an ice cream treat was just the way to end a good few weeks of soccer. When we were ordering his ice cream (plain vanilla in a cup), the person helping us asked what topping H wanted. I told him that H just likes it plain. He asked again, wouldn't you like some sprinkles, and H sort of gave me the nod. H ate ice cream with sprinkles on top. Now, I know this is probably the norm for most children but not H. I was so excited and thanked the person helping us. We've been working on getting H to try new things (activities, food, etc.), so for me this was a breakthrough. What with going to the local library book club in the evening, I had a day with sprinkles on top!


AnastasiaSpeaks said...

K - That's great! And what a sweet story. I totally understand. I would faint if my son tried something totally new without being asked a thousand times. He's such a picky eater that unless it's on his "approved" list, there is no way it is going into his mouth.

Tasha Via said...

That's great! I know things like that are a HUGE breakthrough for some children. That's really exciting=)