Thursday, June 4, 2009

At Least It Tastes Good (and some blogging to love)

Don't worry Mel and Chris, it tastes good. However, it isn't supposed to have a depression in the center. In fact, a nice little hill would have been just right. I did open the oven door while baking (I thought that was an old wives' tale). If anyone has any other ideas why this may have happened, do tell, as I am supposed to be making it for a baby shower in a week!
I just wanted to say to please go check out Christy's blog. Today, she's written about what it's like to "work" to become pregnant. She's also written with honesty about the jealousy that one can feel when seeing others who so easily add another child to their family. I love that she is open about her feelings but not hurtful to others. It's a good read to help remind us to put ourselves in others' shoes.


mel said...

So excited about the bread!! I've made enough bread to know that the depression has NOTHING to do with the taste! :) However, now that you mention it, it does seem like every time I open the door (even if I wait the full 50 mins of bake time) and have to bake longer my loaves get a dent. Hmmmm

I read Christy's post this morning and rememered very clearly how sad I was with every negative test. I even got to the point where I'd take the tests alone so I didn't have to keep saying 'not this time' aloud. It is very frustrating, especially when there are so many teens/women who don't want kids, but get pregnant with such disturbing ease. I'm definitely thinking of her.

Christy said...

K- your comment on my blog really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you oh so much.

That bread looks yummy even with the depression!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I think that old ovens and homemade mixes (as opposed to purchased mixes) contribute to "falling" - but you're right - opening an oven door shouldn't be an issue in a modern kitchen.

And in my opinion, the messier bakes goods look, the better they usually taste...

Christy is a doll. I love honest writing. Sometimes we have to air out our ugly. And when it's done tastefully, all the better.

mel said...

Lemme tell you ladies... that bread is AMAZING!!! :)