Friday, September 4, 2009

Cool Down

"The berries are red, so fall is on its way," says H. The mornings have been cool and even the days have been pleasant. Last weekend we set up a twin size bed in W's room, which meant figuring out where to put a full size headboard and footboard (I refuse to give them away). Luckily, we were able to fit it in W's closet along with a few other things that had been hiding underneath the full bed (i.e., my guitar--no, I can't play now but one of these days, one. of. these. days.). Needless to say, it was an all day affair. Then, Tuesday, I tried to organize (okay, fold fairly neatly and put in a storage container) all the clothes W has outgrown. My mom was over, so I had some help watching the boys and organizing. Speaking of my mom, while re-organizing (again, using that word loosely) W's closet, I saw Mom's wedding gown (the one she wore when she married my dad). I may have to do a whole separate post on that. How it once was lost but finally found, how every time I see it, I am amazed (my great-grandmother made it).

With the weather cooling, I find myself yearning to knit even more. I have a few baby hats that I need to make for little ones who will be making their appearances this winter. I also feel that it would be nice if I knitted up some hats for my own little guys. As much as I look forward to Halloween and Christmas and the fun they bring, I feel like summer flew by before I had a chance to enjoy it as much as I'd like. Also, the kimono I still need to sew for my friend's little girl (she's over a month old now, I am feeling bad), I picked vibrant summer colors (sky blue and a bright pink). I must get it made and delivered before September 22, or it is going to be completely out of season. Maybe this weekend, right? C will be home an extra day. I think I need to force myself to stay up late sewing. Sometimes, it's the only way to fly :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy!

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