Monday, September 14, 2009

Pants-Along: All Done (aka The Big Reveal)

As my little guy would say, Ta da! Here are my pants all sewn up. I love them! I had set myself a deadline to have them finished to wear to book club, and although I was hemming the legs twenty minutes before departure, I finished. The book club members commented on them before I told them I made them, so that gave me more confidence for future sewing. And no, I have no idea why this text is underlined.

Excuse the wrinkles, these pictures were taken after I wore them to book club. They "ride" quite low, but that's how I wanted them. Plus, they have to fit over the hips since there isn't a button, zipper, or elastic.

Here's the view from above. Lets you see the pretty casing. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well the drawstring works and how comfortable I feel in the pants.
Here's a picture with the fabulous pockets and some of the casing for the drawstring. My front and back did not line up evenly (although my sewing aunt says that is okay). I also had a place on the front where I must not have cut straight and there was a place that was higher, so I couldn't draw a straight line to follow for my top-stitching as Joanna recommended. Instead, I turned them wrong side out and stitched close to the edge of the casing, used my tailor's chalk to trace a line right along the stitching, then ripped those stitches out, turned the pants right side out, and top-stitched on the chalk line. I still have one place where I didn't catch the casing. Oh well, not going to worry about that.
Just going to sit back and enjoy my new, one of a kind pants :) Although, there are a lovey for H and that kimono I've mentioned just waiting for me to fire up the Bernie Mac.

Thank you to Joanna for doing the pants-along. I hope to make more. These are twill, but I bought some chino to try. If you've ever sewn chino, let me know if you think it will work. It seems a bit slick... Anyway, this has given me great practice and great pants, hooray pants-along!


Joanna said...

Woo hoo! They look awesome and also look like they fit you well. Well done, you!!!

Christy said...

I love them - the interior pattern is really cute. They look so adorable - job well done!!

craftapple said...

Your pants look GREAT! The pocket accent is perfect. Nice job!

mel said...

GAH! Who cares how much scurrying happened before you left?! You did it!! Hooray K.. (whoa, nearly typed your name! hehe)

They look AWESOME!! And they look super comfy! The fit looks great too. I have to try now. Mucho impressed with your skillz! Go K!!

Tasha Via said...

Yeah, you're done! They look great and SO comfortable. I just love the color and the waisteline=) Way to go!

gardenmama said...

they look super cozy, love the color!