Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things I Like

I thought I'd make a list of things I like just for the fun of it!

1) Capri length yoga pants (if I had a few more pairs, I probably would not wear any other pants or shorts the whole week through)

2) H's knock-off crocs (see above, I can't figure out this page layout stuff right now)

3) NFL Football (you never would have guessed, would ya?)
4) M & M's (I can trick myself into thinking I don't eat that many)
5) Crossword puzzles (I know, I'm a nerd)

6) The smell of feed stores (feed for cows, horses, and the like)
7) H saying muddy puddle (it's just so much sweeter sounding than mud puddle).

8) Thunderstorms in the late afternoon/early evening. This despite being terrified that any slight breeze meant there would be a tornado when I was a youngster.

9) C's random, deep thought comments i.e., "Don't you wish you had x-ray glasses, so you could, like, see everyone's story?"

10) No-show socks. Why didn't they have these back in the day? B/c, lots of times, at band camp, I got sock lines! Yes, I was a band nerd, too.

1 comment:

mel said...

First, thank goodness there's someone else with random thoughts. I thought my C was the only one! :) And believe it or not, I think I've been asked that very question before.

I JUST told C the other day, "You know what I love? The smell of the feed store. And I would love it if I could smell horse food right now!" Hilarious.

I am totally with you on #8. I have grown out of my fear of the dark clouds and wind and grown into an appreciation for a nice summer storm.

And finally, I was a band nerd too! :)