Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Commando Crawling

So the forward movement actually has a name; per our Early Interventionist, W is commando crawling! He is very mobile nowadays. In fact, we had to pull out the pack and play last night, because I can't leave the room for a few minutes any more and expect to find him in the same place (or even remotely near where he was when I left). He is also starting to try to pull up on the couch, just a little, but still, it's great to see progress. He definitely wants to stand up more now (which means I have to really stay right with him since he hasn't learned to bend his knees and fall down on his bum!) Anyway, it's great to know that his crawling style has a name and is something many other children do. I forgot how hard it is when they become mobile, and this time it's even harder since H has all these toys that are not okay for W to get in his hot little hands!

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