Friday, July 18, 2008

We Have Forward Movement

I do believe that W is able to move in a forward direction when on his tummy without my hands behind his little feet to help! Hooray! I've been having a few "pity party" days lately with my worries about W, so it's nice to see some much-prayed-for success. Speaking of success, H came to me today while Thomas was on to tell me he needed to go use the potty. For him to stop watching Thomas and come tell me is fantastic. He is really doing a great job!

I'm excited about the Olympics. C actually knows an athlete that will be competing which just makes it more interesting. The last time the summer Olympics were on, I was expecting H, so that makes it seem like a really long time. I think part of my excitement is knowing there is something on the telly that I'll enjoy watching. I've been known to watch Curling during the winter Olympics! It will be interesting to learn about Beijing. I really liked seeing the sites of Athens in 2004 (via the tv, of course).

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