Monday, July 28, 2008

It's A Conspiracy

It's five minutes 'til 08:00; both of my boys are still sleeping. If I had decided a shower could wait and tried to sleep in a bit, they would have been up by 07:20 or sooner. They know my plans and react accordingly. It's just like in Sheri Lynch's Be Happy or I'll Scream when she finds the secret magazine where her daughters are interviewed about how great they are at creating disaster and generally wreaking havoc (it's just Lynch's crazy imagination but sometimes I wonder...)

So I was a wild and crazy mommy this Sunday: I met a friend for lunch and went shopping with her. I was away for about three and a half hours. C was alone with the conspirators =) It was great to catch up with my friend (H-from-college). Plus I'm always happy to have someone with me who gives me an opinion on what to buy. I am a terrible decision maker when I am shopping for clothes, and you know how I feel about trying things on at home. I had hoped that going out on my own for a bit would make me have some more energy, but, no, I am still exhausted when I fall into bed. Uh oh, I hear some mutterings.

Conspirator #2 woke up at 08:05, and Conspirator #1 awoke at 08:25 with his feet asleep which really freaks him out. Did I mention H's school starts at 09:00?!? This should be interesting. Happy Monday!

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