Friday, July 11, 2008

How Rude!

I've been wanting to mention this for about a week, but I am only now getting a chance. Isn't it quite rude to call someone when you know that he or she just walked in his or her home? after a day at work? when the spouse and children are at the aforementioned home? My MIL did this last week. She called C's cell, and he told her, "I just walked in the door." So, she asks if she should call the house phone, and he says okay. First, he should have said no, he'd call her back in a bit, but she should have known to give him a few minutes. His children are usually excited to see him. We all have things we want to say to him when he gets home. Aaargghhh! I just think it's so very rude.

In middle school and high school, I had a close friend that I talked to on the phone a lot. After a few times of finding me on the phone when he arrived home from work, my dad laid down the law, "When you see or hear me in the driveway, I by God expect you to get off the phone!" No doubt I didn't like the rule then, but I came to understand it as I matured. It's nice to be greeted, to be asked about your day, to feel welcomed and loved. Also, when you are the at-home spouse, often, you really want to talk to an adult at the end of the day! I just wanted to get that out. By the way, Daddy did let me call my friend back while he was getting changed into his "home" clothes and cooking dinner. (I was just a tad bit spoiled!)

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