Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Pretty Great Weekend

This weekend wasn't too busy, but it flew by (don't they all?) Saturday evening was C's work picnic. We decided to have my mom watch W (it was hot, we would have just had to leave him in the stroller the whole time). The first thing we did was take a plant tour. H enjoyed seeing the fork lifts, and we spotted a roll of the really large-bubbled bubble wrap (that stuff is great for jumping on). Then, we had our picture made with a race car and had some food. H got a miniature race car and some toy construction equipment, even a dump truck for W. Sunday afternoon, I mowed the front yard. I am not the best mower, particularly when I can't really see where I've already mowed :) Oh well, it looks better than before I mowed. Sunday evening, H told us he'd found an elevator, did we want to go up in it? We went in his room, he shut the door and pushed a "button" on the door. Later, the elevator got stuck and he had to push the alarm. He's so fun and imaginative; we really have some great times. When I was turning off his light before prayers and bedtime stories, he said, "I had a great day today, Mommy." I told him I was glad, and that he had a lot of great days. He replied that some days weren't great, but today was a pretty great one!

I finished The Condition by Jennifer Haigh this weekend. I enjoyed the book, but as it tells the stories of each member of a five person family, I find myself reading ahead. I feel so guilty for doing that, but if one story doesn't hold my attention, I have to see what happens with the one I'm more interested in. The author definitely has a great insight on women's insecurities and how they can do some damage. The book is the story of a married couple and their three children. The daughter is diagnosed with a syndrome that makes her not go through puberty, and neither of her parents really cope well with her condition. I would like to say the one book I have read that actually went back and forth between two time periods both of which were so interesting that I never read ahead is Sullivan's Island by Dorothea Benton Frank. It is by far the best of her books. Most of her others are a bit man-bashing.

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