Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do butterflies poop?

This is a question I got about a week ago from H. He has asked me about every animal he knows. Sometimes when he's looking at a book, he'll start asking if each animal in the story poops. I have no idea why he's suddenly so interested in knowing this, but he sometimes wants to know how it's done and where! I need a zoologist to answer all these questions. I try to stay cool and answer to the best of my knowledge, but when he asked about butterflies, it cracked me up!

H is doing really well with the potty-training at home. Now, what about at school (Moms Morning Out) or restaurants or stores? We were at a restaurant the other evening and tried, but C and I were stumped, how do we let him stand up if he's not tall enough? We obviously had not thought this all through as well as we should have. I've heard let him stand on the seat, but what if his shoes fall in the toilet? Oh well, we'll figure it out, and in the mean time, I am so, so proud of him!

W is getting better and better with his sippy cup! Yesterday, I only gave him a bottle for his pre-bedtime feeding. He's even learning not to shake the cup (emphasis on learning). I feel like both of us are getting a little frustrated with learning to crawl. He gets on his tummy, pushes way up on his arms, and... pushes himself backward. The PT has shown me how to try to lift his hips to encourage him to get his knees under him, but this is a little guy who likes to have "frog legs" when he's on his belly. I know it will happen, and I should trust in God's timing. I'm just a wee bit impatient sometimes (no comments, C!). W is also a little monkey. He can be laying on his back, kick a toy with his foot, and then pick the toy up between his feet and lift his legs until he reaches the toy with his hands. Amazing!

I am planning an outing to Old Navy and a few other places tomorrow. I have to exchange some capris and possibly buy another pair of capris and jeans, too! I get so frustrated with ON's sizing. If a size fits in the dressing room, don't count on another pair of the same size (even if it's the exact same style) fitting when you get home! Still, I like that you can find somewhat reasonable prices, so I continue to shop there. This weekend, H is ring bearer in a wedding. So, I will be shopping for bribe toys tomorrow as well. Think: if you walk down the aisle and pose for pictures, you get this toy. It's going to be a full weekend: Friday-4th of July and the wedding rehearsal, Satuday-wedding, and Sunday-a good friend's son's first birthday party! Whew, I get tired just typing about it ;)

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mel said...

The biologist in my house says that butterflies are on a liquid diet, but they have a rectum so he's inclined to believe they probably do poop, though he won't swear by it.
However, he does thank you (and H!)for the hilarious blog! ;)