Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Undomestic Trivia Goddess

A recap of my weekend follows. Saturday, as is the norm, flew by. I needed to go to Wal-Mart for some groceries and ink cartridges. That didn't happen, surprise, surprise. Suddenly, I had an hour and a half before I needed to leave for a bridal shower. Brainstorms are aptly named, as my creative ideas always leave a storm-like aftermath mess. So, after frantically putting together the crafty part of my gift, I left for the shower. Then, remembered the car needed gas. I arrived at the shower about twenty minutes late, also known as fashionably late. (Ever since I had my first child, I have always been sooo fashionable:) One of the games played at the shower involved seeing pictures of TV couples and naming the show and their character names (not the real name of the actor and actress). We had 23 pictures to guess at, ranging from I Love Lucy to Moonlighting to The Office. I won! A box of chocolates with a second layer! So when I won, one of the ladies said, "You must watch a lot of TV!" Not at all, especially now! Just to prove it to you, 1) I had to completely guess at The Office (the show title part) and had no idea of the character names and 2) even though I recognized the Dr. McDreamy guy, I could not think of the title of the show (Grey's Anatomy) and had no idea of the character names. The book club girls are going to laugh at me b/c they talk about Grey's all the time, while I sit with my mouth shut b/c I have never seen one minute of it. I have watched The Office once or twice. So how did I win? There were enough older shows in there, plus I do watch the PG-rated Sex and the City episodes on TBS (or I did before my second child came along). I have never seen a "real" Sex and the City, though, and I hear it's pretty raunchy. I was particularly proud of knowing Bobby and Pam from Dallas and Maddie from Moonlighting! So, as I often tell my husband, I am a font of (usually) useless information. On a side note, the whole game gave me a bit of insight about myself. I already know I am extremely competitive. I can't help it. While playing the game and after, though, I also realized that I cannot turn off the urge to do my best at things. Not all things, but maybe those that are in a competitive environment? I suffer from over-achiever guilt or something. The shower also reminded me that my anti-socialness is causing me (and probably my children) to miss out. Maybe it's more C's anti-socialness and my germ-o-phobia/frequent exhaustion, plus my domestic abilities, read on...

Sunday morning, I was getting everything out to bake my mom a birthday cake (from a box, folks, my daddy always said why make it from scratch, when Duncan and Betty have already perfected it--although this does not apply to all cakes, particularly lemon pound cake). So as I am getting the flour (to dust the pans), I knock a box of toothpicks out of the cabinet; they scatter everywhere. This is an omen, I now see. Next incident, I get egg shell in the cake batter. Then, I burn my arm (not bad, but still!) getting the pans out of the oven. So, I have to warn everyone that there may be egg shell in the cake. Of course, there is egg shell in the cake (me, my mom, and my aunt got some crunchy bits). There you have it, why I don't like to cook or entertain in a nut (or egg) shell!

On a happy, proud note, if today continues well, H will have been six days with no leaks and no wetting of any diapers!

I have typed this whole post up to here with overstrike on and just now remembered that it's insert, not alt, that turns it off. My computer skills are quickly atrophying. The oven timer dings. Ask not for whom it dings, it dings for moi!

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mel said...

Thank you for the gut laugh on this dreary Monday morning! Man, oh man, how I miss working with you everyday!

Three cheers for H & W!!