Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Museum Trip

So last week I decided to take my boys to a local museum. Before we left, I kept saying zoo instead of museum (I have no idea why), but I laughed saying outloud to myself, "If we wanted to go to a zoo, we wouldn't have to leave home." I didn't have super high hopes as it isn't a very large museum, but it was somewhere besides home that is air-conditioned and not too full of germs (hopefully). So, off we go. My three year-old (H) informed me, "You and W (his little brother) can go in, but I'm staying out." Luckily, he changed his mind by the time we arrived. In we go, and we are almost the only visitors there (good, we won't disturb anyone and my plan for W to sleep in his stroller is plausible). We turn into the first hallway, there's a tiger behind glass. H, "Mommy, mommy, mommy... pick me up!" So I spend the next 10 minutes carrying H and pushing W (who shows no signs of going to sleep as planned and whimpers when he sees a few of the larger animals). I guess I should of thought to tell H about these things, but honestly, I had no idea what displays would be there. Note to self: find out what will be at the museum in case of anything remotely scary. He wasn't scared at the zoo, but he was younger then. Finally, some toy trucks made out of boxes and odds and ends by Nigerians lures H out of my arms (luckily, they, too, are behind glass). We view some cartoon-like drawings by a local artist, and H does a puzzle they have set up. However, he refuses to walk down to see the elephant at the end of the hall. Next, we find a display of local wildlife, and H gets to push buttons that make animal sounds! Hooray, he likes it, he really likes it! Later, we found some more buttons in a space display. We put some pennies in a vortex and watched them whirl. All in all, it was a good outing. W never slept whilst we were there, but we got out of the house and had some fun! Yay Supermommy!

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