Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jumping in Puddles

One day last week, we had an afternoon rain shower. After it stopped raining, H, W, and I went out to check the mail and spotted some puddles. H pointed to two large ones that were quite muddy and asked if he could jump in those. Not wanting to discourage something so simply fun, I asked him if we could look for some that weren't so muddy. We found one in the drive, and H had a great time running around it, splashing in it, putting his foot under the water spout ("It tickles!"), and just being a boy! W was watching all this and laughing! When C got home, and I told him about it, I finished the story with "Yea, boys!," arms up in a victory V! They are very fun.

The mimosa trees are blooming on our street, and they smell wonderful (why doesn't someone create a perfume that smells like that?). Anyway, they take me back to summer days sitting in the yard, drinking Pepsis with my daddy. So, after smelling them while taking H for a stroller ride last week, I decided to buy some champagne and have a mimosa for myself. That's how we had Muffins and Mimosas Sunday, very nice. Later on Sunday, C started working on our "jungle." It may be slow going, but we will tame this yard...I hope.

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