Friday, June 20, 2008

Odds & Ends

Back to back posts, no apologies, I love them on others' blogs! I just wanted to relate some funny and/or interesting things.

Our neighbors' son, daughter-in-law, and two year-old grandson are living with them while their new house is being built. H and W both like to see the grandson. So the other day, H and I are outside while W is napping (I tote the monitor around with me outside), and we see the grandson and his mom outside. We head over to say hello, and H is gung-ho to see their backyard, particularly their chimney as he's developed an interest in chimneys of late. We walk around back and can see their deck. H says, "They have chairs on their deck, Mommy, not weeds like ours." Nice, nothing like your own flesh and blood to give you the honest truth. We do have weeds growing up through the wood planks of our deck, which brings me to another topic. We really need to do some serious landscape work and home improvements.

We've been talking for a few months about getting new gutters and windows, but I'm not sure the folks could fight through our shrubs to get to the windows! Here are some excuses that I'll call problems: 1) time/availability- when can we work in the yard? who will watch the children? 2) danger- it's so bad now, I'm worried about snakes and spiders, not to mention the yellow jackets that appear to be making a home in a space between a window's frame and the siding 3) sloth- one of the seven deadly sins that me and C are guilty of, guilty, guilty, guilty. I could probably keep going, but to keep some integrity, I'll stop. Of course with the Spring/Summer come hordes of insects just vying for a chance to come inside and terrorize me and irritate C. I'm convinced the "jungle of shrubs and weeds" is part of the reason there are more bugs around. Home ownership, isn't it grand?

Potty training is so hard. H won't use the potty at school (Mom's Morning Out program). It doesn't really bother or surprise me except when the teacher mentions it. I don't like using public restrooms either. H will do so well for a couple of days and then not so good. It is so hard. Enough said.

I was going to put some of my thoughts about The Alchemist in this post, but I think I'll wait until after book club (this Saturday). That way, I can have others input, too.

After days of being undecided about what free ring tone to download, I finally chose one and wouldn't you know, I can't get on the internet from my phone to actually download it! C's on the case. It will get resolved eventually. I thought I was going to get a DMB song, but I chose what I'd call an "oldie." I did play Dancing Nancy (a DMB song for you non-Dave people) for the boys last night, and H said, "This is a great song, Mommy!" Amen, it sure is sweetie.

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