Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling Pretty Cool

Aaahh, air conditioning, so nice. We had to get a new one. Our old one had a leak as well as some pretty nasty looking black stuff on it. Air conditioning is expensive, ouch. We were lucky to get a day that wasn't a scorcher or extremely humid. We spent some of the afternoon at my mom's. It is nice and cool in her backyard, even when it would be too hot in ours. I think it's because she has some tall trees back there. It's making me think we need to start planting some more trees. We have some pears and dogwoods in the front, but no oaks or poplars. Another thing to add to our home improvement to-do list. Now that we've got the new a/c, it's on to landscaping. Luckily, we do have a friend who does heating and air, so we weren't taken to the cleaners.

What's not so cool, and I've been meaning to blog about for some time now, is my crazy post-pregnancy hair. This happened after H was born, too. I had never heard of this, but the gal who cuts my hair assured me she's seen it before. I have this new "baby" hair growing at my hairline above my forehead. I thought I just kept growing more hair after each baby, but she said I actually lost the hair while I was pregnant and now it is growing back. So, I have these short kind-of bangs that look something like a rooster's comb. I may see if C can get a picture of them. They are too short to really be bangs, so they just sort of stand up! Crazy!


mel said...

You crack me up! The girl that cuts my hair actually has a 'rooster comb' of which you speak. Every time I get my hair cut she talks about it and how it happened after her little girl was born. Lanie is now just over a year old and Sheila still has the baby hair.

Also, my new tradition has been to start buying a tree for C for his birthday. Appropriately, his birthday is on Earth Day and I've never met anyone who cares as much for all outdoor critters or the environment as much as C so I thought that was something special I could do for him. This year, I got him a tree and The Lorax, a book by Dr. Seuss. He seems to enjoy the gift quite a bit and I always feel good about adding something new and fresh to the world that I feel so often I'm destroying. :)

K said...

Mine did grow out (I guess?) last time, so let's hope it does this time, too!