Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanks, I Needed That... and Still Do

My darling husband brought these to me last evening. Wasn't that sweet? I was having a bit of a day. W's re-circumcision continues to be a pain (mostly figuratively now). C and I still haven't had time to sit down and place our Amazon book order (partly b/c I had a terrible headache yesterday). I get so frustrated that my to-do list never gets done... whine, whine, whine. Get some cheese why don't ya? Today was going pretty well, and then I read the letters from H's preschool: chicken pox and foot and mouth have been spotted. This is enough to strike terror into the heart of any parent, but for germophobes, it's like a punch to the gut. So I needed these flowers.

In other news, I've been trying to stay a little more abreast of current news (you'll see my link to Politics4Moms). I'm waiting to see when they start blaming it all on the auditors... it usually happens. I need to go catch the end of Sid the Science Kid with H. So much to type, so little time :)


mel said...

That was very sweet of C. What a nice pick me up! I hate that chicken pox and F&M are maybe going around, but if you think that note is scary you'd pass out if you heard what my momma or mawmaw would say: Find the kid with chicken pox and let H play with them.
They always tell us about how when one of us had chicken pox they'd get us all together so we could catch it and have it done with. :)
Good luck though. Hopefully, H'll stay safe from it.

K said...

Yes, C is a sweetie! Actually, I understand about wanting children to go ahead and have chicken pox. Do you know about my perfect attendance record? H has been vaccinated, so if he got it, it would probably be mild. W has not been vaccinated, and with the shape of his recently procedured parts, I am terrified of chicken pox!!