Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two and Three

The number of days at preschool it takes for H to catch a cold? Two
The number of days it takes for W to catch H's cold? Three.
Seriously, two days. I'm taking medicine and drinking juice and Airborne. W is just pitiful. Poor little guy. The good news is that by day three, H seemed to feel pretty good just sniffly.


mel said...

My momma swears that schools are cesspools of germs. It sounds awful, but I think she has a point. Steven and Luk were the same way this weekend after only a couple weeks in school! They're both already on cold meds. I hope your little fellas feel better soon.

K said...

Thanks, Mel! I agree with your mom, and I keep thinking, when is that immune system (that is supposedly building up by being around other kids) going to kick in?

mel said...

I think that happens sometime around middle school. That's when Steven stopped getting so many colds and 24-hour viruses. Now he picks up germs that Luk brings home. But the house is much less germy with only Luk in elementary school. I think you have several more years of this back and forth sickness...sorry. :(