Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Old Switcheroo

I've been practicing a little reverse psychology of late in order to keep the (relative) peace. H has decided that he is only going to do, eat, read, or watch what he has thought of himself. That's right, if he didn't think of it, then it's nothing doing, folks. One of the funniest things about this is that he will completely deny facts in order to make something his idea i.e., I say that we need to "at least try" to use the potty, by some minor miracle, he does try without a fight and does in fact pee, I say "you did have some pee in there," he says (while a stream of urine is pouring out), "no, I didn't," okay, whatever (I'm thinking), Mommy needs to get you to bed. The other funny thing he pulls is if he likes the idea I've put out there, he makes it his own and denies that Mommy had any hand in it. Something like this:

Me: H, would you like to go outside?
H (imagine a very indignant four year-old): No, I do not want to go outside!
Me: Well, I am going to go put some letters in the mailbox while you stay inside.
H (now a bit whiny): I do, I do want to go to the mailbox.
Me: I thought you might like to go out.
H (completely confident with an almost teenage-like arrogance): No, I said I wanted to go but you didn't.

So, wise mommy that I am, I've learned the ropes (sort of). Tonight I said, "I'm making a sweet potato for you." (Yes, I know this was a mistake, I said I've sort of learned). He immediately starts carrying on, "No, I didn't want that." I jump in quickly saying, "Oh, that's right you wanted scrambled eggs and green peas, not a sweet potato." Now calmer, he replies, "No, no, I want a sweet potato." Great, because it's already cooking! Mommy just pulled a fast one on you!

That's what we've been learning at my house. How to "work" our child's very strong urge to be the boss.

Don't frighten me too much about his future indecisiveness or completely controlling need-to-be-right-and-in-charge-all-the-time tendencies (where did he get those from I wonder? umm that would be from the maternal side) However, if you have a child or know a child like this, please commiserate with me via a comment.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

At this point it's all about survival. Do what you have to do and worry about his future personality disorders later.

mel said...

hahaha, he is such a little K! :) I love it. I can so see his serious little face as he's saying all this.

I'll have to stick these little ideas in my back pocket for later. Chris and I are both pretty stubborn sometimes so we often wonder what on earth we might have created here! :)

Tasha Via said...

My oldest does the EXACT SAME THING on the potty. Denial while in the process! What can you say?!=)

mel said...

Whoa! Love the funky new layout!