Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taking the Ying with the Yang

Good News: No laundry to fold.
Bad News: Our dryer isn't heating up.

Good News: My handy hubby may be able to fix the dryer.
Bad News: Right now, aforementioned handy man is coming down with a cold (or sinus infection).

Good News: W seems to be getting over the same cold.
Bad News: My throat feels a little funny.

Good News: I am fortunate that I can use my mom's dryer if needed.
Bad News: She has a sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection (out damned germs!)

Good News: I placed an order for a book, a video, and fat pencils for H (our pediatrician recommended them).
Bad News: The shipping on those pencils made it a tad bit more expensive than I was expecting.

Good News: I'm planning to take H to a birthday party this weekend, book club this weekend, and tomorrow is Friday! No more bad news, I want to end on a positive note :)


mel said...

Hah! Like watching Pinky and the Brain...Good Idea/Bad Idea. Anyway, sorry everyone's coming down with the punies. That stinks. Something nasty's been going around with the babies at Momma's too. It's just a nasty time of year. Hope everyone's feeling better soon.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Drier problems follow me wherever I go... I so miss the days of the apartment building laundry room. I would be willing to sit with my laundry if it meant that I'd have working appliances available when I need them...

Make sure that the problem is just your drier and not the fact that your vents need to be cleaned. This is something new that I've recently learned about. Being a grownup stinks.